10 Most Haunted Train Stations Around the World

Would you visit these haunted train stations?

5. Macquarie Fields Station, Australia

Macquarie Fields Station is one of many Haunted Train Stations Around the World
Daily Telegraph

During the day, Macquarie Fields Train Station in Sydney, Australia appears to be a quiet location with nothing unusual about it other than the fact that it is an older building, having been built in 1888. But at night, the station takes on a darker atmosphere with the appearance of its resident specter – the blood soaked visage of a teenage girl.

Late in the evening after the last train has left the station and the crowd has thinned out, the apparition appears and has been seen by multiple individuals. Sometimes she wanders about screaming, grasping at her chest, which is covered in blood. At other times she sits on the floor, staring into space while moaning. But who is this sad, distraught ghost? It’s speculated that she is actually the spirit of Emily Hay Gengeson, a 42 year old woman who died in 1906 when she was run over by a train on the tracks near Macquarie Fields Station. Emily was an unstable woman with emotional and mental issues. She managed to get away from a nurse who was assigned to watch her and it’s thought that she threw herself in front of a train, committing suicide.

Macquarie Fields Station is yet another station that has been investigated by a paranormal team, this time Ghost Hunting Australia, who during the course of their investigation managed to capture photos of ghostly apparitions as well as ectoplasmic materializations. It’s their intention to return to the station to conduct additional investigations.

4. Union Station, USA

Union Station is one of many Haunted Train Stations Around the World
Haunted Earth

Built in 1923 and located in Phoenix, Arizona, at one time, Union Station was the most important station in Phoenix. With the opening of an airport in Phoenix in the 1950s, Union Station went into decline and was closed by Amtrak in 1995, but is still periodically used for tourist trains and special occasions.

Today, Union Station is the location of corporate offices and it’s also the home of a resident ghost who is known as Fred. The ghost received this name from Dudley Weldon, a maintenance manager who stated that the name Fred simply entered his head one day.

Many people have encountered Fred, often seeing the image of a person sprinting away when approached. Others feel that Fred “lives” in the attic, claiming that they have felt his presence when they’ve been up there. Some actually refuse to enter the attic because his presence is so strong there. It has also been reported that Fred enjoys playing with a heavy door on the property. It randomly opens and closes, seemingly with no help from living human hands.

Fred seems harmless enough to most who have experienced his presence, but there are still those who are disturbed by his interactions, particularly when a tap on the shoulder is felt by an invisible hand.

3. Leamington Spa Station, England

Leamington Spa Station is one of many Haunted Train Stations Around the World
Daily Mail

Leamington Spa Station in Warwickshire, England has quite the reputation for being seriously haunted. Built in the 1880s, the station is prone to supernatural activity that includes electrical malfunctions, phantom footsteps and a variety of poltergeist activities.

The haunting activity is so prominent that Chiltern Railways hired Nick Rees, a “Supernatural Liaison Officer” who is an expert in paranormal happenings. Rees patrols the station on a daily basis, conversing with the spirits who reside there to encourage them to refrain from activity that would distress commuters and staff.

Employees have witnessed paperwork flying about, doors slamming, and lights repeatedly turning on and off. While the activity can appear frightening to the unwary, Rees states that the ghosts are harmless. Still, Leamington Spa Station is considered to be one of the most haunted locations in England.

2. Begunkodor Train Station, India

Begunkodor train station is one of many Haunted Train Stations Around the World
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Begunkodor Train Station, located in West Bengal, India stood abandoned for 42 years because of a ghost. Begunkodor is a small village, and the loss of the station in 1967 created major difficulties for villagers who wished to travel. The station was reopened in 2009, after locals appealed to officials for a reliable method of transportation in and out of the village.

The troubles at Begunkodor Station started in 1967, when an employee witnessed the apparition of a woman dressed in a white sari while patrolling the station. It was thought that the spirit was the result of a woman who had died when she was killed in a train accident that happened nearby. The station employee was badly frightened by the appearance of the specter and several weeks later he suddenly died. His unexpected death coupled with additional sightings of the ghost by other employees soon resulted in the staff abandoning the station, refusing to work where an apparently deadly spirit wandered about.

When the station reopened in 2009, railroad officials denied the existence of the ghost, stating that there were issues with some of the newer train models running on the narrow tracks in Begunkodor. They also claimed that the story of the phantom was created by the staff, who was displeased at being assigned to such an isolated location. They went on to say that the combination of the new trains and the disgruntled employees resulted in the abandonment of the station. There have been no recent sightings of the lady in the white sari.

1. King’s Cross Station, London

Kings Cross Station is one of many Haunted Train Stations Around the World

King’s Cross Railway Station is one of the busiest stations in the United Kingdom, making it a central hub for travelers journeying across England and into Scotland. The station is well known for its appearance in the Harry Potter movies, but it is also known for a terrifying ghost that suddenly appears before frightened commuters before disappearing just as abruptly.

The ghost appears in the form of a young woman clad in contemporary clothing and with long brown hair. She is obviously in distress, screaming loudly and reaching out, but she disappears as soon as concerned passersby approach to help her. Quite a few people have reported encountering her, while others also report the odor of smoke in the passageway where the woman was first encountered.

It’s thought that the appearance of the distressed spirit may be the result of a devastating fire that occurred at King’s Cross Underground in 1987. 31 people lost their lives in the fire and it’s speculated that the apparition may be the ghost of one of the fire’s victims. The hapless spirit is still periodically seen even today.

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