10 Most Haunted Battlefields Around the World

Have you visited any of these haunted places?

5. Battle of Little Bighorn

The Battle of Little Bighorn was so horrendous that it's reportedly haunted now.

This was a battle between the US Cavalry and the Lakota tribe in 1876. There were no survivors from the US Cavalry. Visitors to the site have seen soldiers re-enacting the battle, can smell gunpowder and can hear the cries of the soldiers. Even more creepily, visitors also report having hallucinations of the battle first-hand, and experience an overwhelming feeling of despair.

4. Battle of Antietam

The Battle of Antietam resulted in a reportedly haunted battlefield.

In 1862, this battle was fought on a sunken road between two farms for only four hours as part of the US Civil War. Despite the short time frame, over 23,000 soldiers were killed, injured or reported missing. It’s reported that no matter how many people are present, or how busy the area is, the site of the battlefield is absolutely silent except for sounds of gunfire and drumming. The road, now called Bloody Lane, smells of gunpowder and soldiers are frequently seen wandering the road. Blue lights can be seen at night moving in time with the aforementioned drum beats. A church nearby was where some of the wounded were taken to be looked after, and it’s said that the floorboards are so stained with blood that not even a sander can get rid of the stains.

3. Battle of Towton

The Battle of Towton was so vicious that it's now reportedly haunted.

As part of the English War of the Roses, a battle was fought in Towton in 1461. A stream nearby, Cock Beck, ran red with blood from the battle. Over 30,000 soldiers died in the battle, which also took place in the middle of a large and heavy snowstorm. Every seven years, it’s said that Towton has a similar snowstorm. If you walk into the storm you’ll see the soldiers battling it all out again over several hours.

2. Battle of Brownsville

The Battle of Brownsville resulted in a haunted battlefield.

Brownsville has been the site of seven battles, including battles as part of the Civil War and the Mexican war. The Civil War battle took place in 1863 and it’s unclear how many soldiers were injured or died, but there were over 8,000 soldiers involved. People have reported hearing the usual gunfire and shouts from the site of the battles, but the sighting that stands out the most is reported by a young couple, Barb and Cameron Dexter, who had parked their truck there in the middle of the night. When they awoke they heard gunfire close by. Rather than drive away immediately, they got out of the truck to investigate. They were soon surrounded by what they said looked like corpses in confederate uniforms. They ran back into the truck and once daylight broke, they could see the truck was covered in bloody handprints.

1. Battle of Gettysburg

The site of the battle of Gettysburg is reported to be one of the most haunted battlefields on Earth.

More than 50,000 soldiers died over three days at the battle of Gettysburg in 1863. There are hundreds of reported ghost sightings on this battlefield and the surrounding town, and the hauntings are the subject of several books and documentaries. Beds are reported to shake during the night, doors slam, ghostly figures walk through rooms where people are staying. People report hearing screams and the sounds of battle, and at points it’s said that it sounds like you’re standing in the middle of the battle, with hundreds of people dying around you. During the filming of the movie Gettysburg, some extras were approached by a man who smelt like gunpowder. They assumed he was another extra, but he handed them some bullets that weren’t being used as props for the movie and were later confirmed to be from the actual time period the battle had taken place. One of the most famous and most-seen ghosts is the man who haunts the Devil’s Den, a rocky outcrop close the the battlefield. He always says the same thing: What you’re looking for is over there.

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