Did You Know? – 20 Amazing Facts #9

Here are 20 amazing facts! From explosive bacon to the most expensive car ever sold at auction, join us as we take a look at 20 eyebrow raising facts!

20. During WW2 there was a Disney cartoon that urged housewives to save bacon grease so the U.S Army could turn it into bombs.

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19. Wood frogs can survive being frozen solid. Once thawed they can hop away, completely unharmed.

18. On average, by the time a child is eight years old they know 10,000 words. Adults range between 25,000-30,000. While a university graduate has a vocabulary of up to 75,000 words.

17. Kangaroos never stop growing. They will grow as large as their diet and environment will allow. However, injury and illness usually intervenes before then.

16. Female kangaroos can pause their pregnancy until conditions are right for giving birth. This is known as diapause.

15. Watermelons are 92% water.

20 Amazing facts

14. The ancient Egyptians placed watermelons in royal tombs to feed and nourish their kings in the afterlife.

13. Elvis had 149 songs appear on Billboard’s Hot 100 Pop Chart – 18 of which went number 1.

12. Each episode of Game Of Thrones costs between US$6-$10 million to produce.

11. For a spacecraft to leave Earth and enter orbit it must be travelling at a speed of at least 40,000 km or 25,000 miles.

10. A blue whale’s tongue can weigh up to 6,800 kg (15,000 lbs). That’s as much as an elephant weighs!

20 Amazing facts

9. The name of the famous toy brand LEGO was derived from the Danish phrase ‘leg godt’, which means ‘play well’.

8. The average dairy cow will produce around 200,000 glasses of milk in its lifetime.

7. Excluding water, tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide. Approximately six billion cups are sipped on each day.

6. Beauty and the Beast was the first animated film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.

5. The most expensive car sold at auction was a Ferrari 250 GTO. It went for a wallet melting US$38,115,000

20 amazing facts

4. Collectively the U.S consumes 50 billion burgers per year!

3. McDonald’s feeds approximately 1% of the world’s population per day, with a reported 75 burgers sold every passing second.

2. If you ran a marathon every day, it would still take you more than two years to circumnavigate the world.

1. In 2004, a grilled cheese sandwich sold on eBay for US$28,000. Reportedly, it bore an image of the Virgin Mary.

So there’s our list of 20 random facts about anything and everything. Did this listicle make you raise your eyebrows with curiosity? If so, let us know on Twitter and Facebook.