Kindergarten Cop Vs Silent Hill Comparison

Startling images have surfaced that prove that Kindergarten Cop is a prequel to Silent Hill and that Arnold Schwarzenegger is demon spawn from another dimension.

In a bizarre inter-textual homage, it would appear that the Kindergarten in Konami’s 1999 horror game Silent Hill is modelled off the Kindergarten in the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger film Kindergarten Cop, despite no official word from Konami.

In the images below you’ll notice that it’s definitely beyond coincidence. What’s more perplexing though is that someone actually noticed the similarities. Did Rain Man happen to be playing Silent Hill while the film was on in the background? Because as far as I’m concerned, not in a million years would these two things come in contact with each other. ‘Oh hey, I was playing Silent Hill the other night. Did you ever notice the small but startling similarities between that and Kindergarten Cop?’ The person in question goes by the name ‘Giromancy’. He/she left a strangely bare comment on letting the images speak for themselves.

Some websites have tried to explain the phenomena by suggesting that the Japanese game developers at Konami used the film as an American pop culture reference, dropping a few Easter eggs in for the keen gamer to discover. However, it’s more fun to think of Kindergarten Cop as a prequel to Silent Hill giving us a glimpse into the town before psycho cultists started f$%king shit up and that Arnold Schwarzenegger is some kind of demonic precursor to the bewitched happenings of that poor place.

Either way, here are the photos comparing Kindergarten Cop and Silent Hill, you decide:

Kindergarten Cop Vs Silent Hill

Spooky coincidence or bizarre homage?