Japan’s Most Haunted Places

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Okiku’s Well

Japan's most haunted places.

The well in Himeji castle in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture is said to be haunted by a young girl who shrieks at nighttime.

The legend tells of a young girl named Okiku who served the samurai Aoyama Tessan. On many occasions, Okiku refused to become the samurai’s lover. After many advances, Aoyama decided to trick the girl by hiding one of the family’s ten precious delft plates. The samurai blackmailed the poor girl saying that he’d be willing to over look the missing plate if they became lovers. Okiku refused once more. Enraged, the samurai threw Okiku into the castle well, killing her immediately.

It is said that Okiku’s spirit became an Onryo, a vengeful ghost that haunts the scene of her death. On clear nights, her spirit rises from the well, counts to nine then let’s out a chilling scream before descending back into the dark waters below.

Doryodo Ruins

Japan's most haunted places

The Doryodo Ruins in Otukayama Park, in Hachioji, Tokyo were once a place of worship but now they’re known for something more sinister.

In 1963 an 83 year old lady was found brutally murdered on the site of the old temple. She was killed by a robber who looted the temple and left the old lady’s body in the forest.

Then just ten years later, a young student from St Paul’s University was found dead amongst the abandoned ruins. It was reported that the girl was having an affair with her university lecturer, Oba Hiroshi. When the affair became publicly known, the professor, who was married with two children, felt his only way out was to murder the young girl and hide her body by the rural temple. The body was not discovered for several weeks. Locals told police that they heard a young girl’s voice coming from the forest that said: ‘I’m here. I’m here’.

In 1983, the old temple was dismantled. Many visitors claim they feel a sudden sadness come over them when they visit the site. Others say the voice of the young girl can still be heard crying out in the night, begging to be found.

Sunshine 60

Japan's most haunted places.

Located in Ikebukuro area of Tokyo, Sunshine 60 is reported to be the world’s first haunted skyscraper. Employees and workers alike tell stories of disembodied screams, chains rattling and faces disappearing into the shadows.

Built in 1978, this shopping and business hub once had the crown of the tallest building in Asia. However, despite its record setting achievement and cheery name, it had a hard time relinquishing its sinister past. This enormous building was built on the former grounds of the infamous Sugamo Prison. In its prime the jail housed up to 2000 inmates, seven of which were executed on site.

In the public eye, the Sunshine 60 project was deemed cursed. During its construction many workers inexplicably lost their lives. Some dying of faulty equipment, others falling from great heights, even though all safety precautions were in place. The workers often complained of strange noises, whispers or crying, chains rattling along the cement floors. Paranormal activity continued once Sunshine 60’s doors opened to the public making it one of Japan’s most haunted places. Customers have reported seeing faces in change rooms, orbs of light and ghostly hands touch them as the go about their shopping. Many say they’ve seen a young girl jump off the roof the building, shocked and frightened customers rush to the windows expecting to see the young girl hit the pavement below but there’s nothing there.

Another regular apparition is the old lady that haunts the offices of the building. She’s said to be gaunt and haggard with no eyeballs. She crawls about the cubicles of the offices whispering ‘where is it?’ but when confronted just disappears into nothing.

Toyama Park

Japan's most haunted places

Situated in the Shinjuku Ward of Tokyo is the site of a mass burial ground for one of Japan’s most sinister war crimes.

Toyama Park was the former site of the Tokyo Army Medical College which housed the infamous Unit 731. They were a group of doctors tasked with developing chemical and biological weapons during World War 2. They would perform sinister experiments on Chinese and Russian prisoners of war. The doctors would infect and dissect the soldiers while they were still alive.

In 1989, the experiments were exposed when construction began in Toyama Park. As construction workers cleared the land for a new medical centre, they unearthed hundreds of mutilated remains. The bones had clear signs of experimentation.

Author Seiichi Morimura, who wrote a book about the atrocious medical experiments, said that the ‘acts of Unit 731 are the equivalent to Auschwitz’.

Many people claim they hear tormented screams through out the park, especially at night. They feel as though their being watched and can feel a great sadness in the area. They say the souls of the victims are trapped in the area, looking to be released from their eternal torture.

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