20 Facts About The Human Body You Didn’t Know

Human body facts

From the length of your DNA to your eye colour determining how much alcohol you can drink, join us as we place your body under the microscope and examine 20 facts about the human body you didn’t know.



20. The average human produces about 23, 659 litres of saliva in a lifetime. That’s enough to fill 2 swimming pools! Nothing like a refreshing swim in saliva after a hard day at the office!

19. The average adult smiles around 20 times per day while the average child smiles around 400 times.

18. A study by researchers at Rockefeller University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute revealed that the nose can distinguish around 1 trillion different odors, making it the most sensitive organ in the human body.

17. The average human heart creates enough energy per day to power a truck for more than 20 miles (32 kms).

16. A typical human being weighing 154.3 pounds (70 kgs) is made up of about 7, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 atoms (7 billion billion billion).

15. All cells that make up the human body have their own lifecycles. Red blood cells live for about 4 months. White blood cells can live for more than 1 year. Fat cells can live for 10 years. Sperm cells only live for 3 days while some brain cells last your entire lifetime and if they die are never replaced.

14. There are about 100, 000 miles of blood vessels in the average human’s body. Placed end to end, that would reach almost halfway to the moon!

13. Stomach acid is so strong that if you got it on you it could burn right through your skin!

12. During waking hours, the average human brain produces enough electricity to power a 40 watt light bulb.

11. People with light coloured eyes (blue, green) have a higher tolerance to alcohol than those with darker coloured eyes. They also have a higher tolerance to pain. People with darker coloured eyes have been found to be better at tasks that involve fine motor skills such as hitting a ball with a racquet or throwing an object at a target. The reason for this is believed to be that the genes that code a person’s eye colour are also involved in many other processes in the human body such as pain response and reaction time.

10. The human eye can see about 7, 000, 000 different colours.



9. If the human eye could take photos the resolution would be 576 megapixels.

8. Over 700 different strains of bacteria are known to live in the human mouth. However, an average person will usually only have between 34 and 72 different types of bacteria living in their mouth at any one time. Hmm, time to clean my teeth I think!

7. If the DNA of a human was uncoiled and laid end to end it would stretch over a distance of 10 billion miles (1.61 billion kms). That is far enough to reach pluto and back!

6. Scientists estimate that if the human brain was a computer hard drive it could hold between 10 and 100 terabytes of information.

5. It has been estimated that if you were to sell all the chemicals that make up a typical human body you would only get around $160 US. However a recent article in Wired magazine suggests that if you were to sell the body as components eg. heart, kidneys, DNA and bone marrow etc, it would be worth up to $45 million US.

4. 1 in 10, 000 people have internal organs that are reversed or mirrored from the normal position, a condition known as Situs inversus.

3. Your lungs can taste bitter flavors! The tiny hair-like strands lining the interior of the lungs known as cilia have bitter taste receptors, allowing them to alter their movements when they come in contact with bitter tasting toxins.

2. The human eye can see up to 2.6 million light years away. The Andromeda galaxy, located 2.6 million light years from Earth is the furthest visible object a human can see. It is visible thanks to the light emitted by the galaxy’s 1 trillion stars.

1. The average human will inhale about 45 pounds (20.4 kgs) of dust in their lifetime.


20 facts about the human body you didn’t know. Or did you? Got any other interesting facts we may have missed in this countdown? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!