The Most Haunted Roads around the World

Be careful driving down these roads at night

These are the most haunted roads around the world. Nothing spoils a good road trip like catching a ghostly glimpse in your rearview, or getting the feeling that someone – or something – is watching you through the trees… These ten roads have a history of tragedy and are haunted by spirits who can’t move on.

10. Haunted Roads Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong

Tuen Mun Road is one of the Most Haunted Roads around the World
Silent Thrill

Tuen Mun Road is a Hong Kong expressway that connects the regions of Tuen Mun and Tsuen Wan. This highway is known around the world for being highly dangerous – and very haunted! In fact, it has one of the highest accident rates in the world.

Strangely, many people claim these accidents are caused by supernatural occurrences. Hundreds of drivers have said they’ve witnessed ghostly figures appearing in the middle of the road. The sudden appearance of these spirits causes drivers to swerve erratically, causing accidents.

One of the most devastating incidents occurred in 2003 when a truck driver, terrified by a ghostly apparition, swerved lanes and collided with a bus, killing 21 people. With every major accident, more and more spirits haunt the highway, leading to more accidents. It’s become a vicious cycle.

9. Annie’s Road, USA

Annie's Road is one of the Most Haunted Roads around the World

Annie’s Road is an infamously haunted stretch of road in New Jersey. It’s also known as Riverview Drive. According to a local legend, this area is haunted by the ghost of a young girl in white whose name is Annie.

One night, Annie and her boyfriend were driving home from their prom when they got into a argument on Riverview Drive. Annie’s boyfriend pulled over and kicked her out of the car, stranding her on the side of the road. Annie was lost, terrified… and furious at her boyfriend.

She tried to find her way through the darkness when suddenly she was struck by a pickup truck. Her hair and clothes became tangled in the vehicle and she was violently dragged up the road.

To this day, Annie’s spirit remains on Riverview Drive, where she is trapped in a never-ending cycle of rage. Travellers say they’ve heard piercing screams and seen an apparition dressed in her distinct white prom dress. Her presence can interfere with electronic devices and car instruments, leading many to think of her as a harbinger of death.

The above photo was captured by Youtuber Conspiracy Insomniac. They were driving along Riverview Drive taking photos hoping to catch something unusual. As they drove past where the alleged accident took place they captured something eerie. To the left of the image, standing by a tree is a translucent figure that looks to be wearing a white dress, much like the one referred to in the urban legend. The apparition looks to have long dark hair and a strange featureless face.

Could this be proof that Annie’s spirit is trapped eternally along this dark stretch of road? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

8. Haunted Roads A75 Road, Scotland

A75 is one of the Most Haunted Roads around the World
Spooky Isles

The A75 is a major Scottish road that connects the villages of Annan and Gretna Green. However, this treacherous road is more commonly known as ‘Ghost Alley’ and is said to be overflowing with supernatural activity.

In the last fifty years, hundreds of reports of strange and unexplainable sightings have flooded in. One particularly unnerving story involved a lorry driver who struck a young couple who had walked arm-in-arm into the middle of the road. But when the driver stopped to investigate, the couple had completely vanished.

Other reported sightings on Ghost Alley have included phantom hitchhikers, a mysterious hooded figure, and with even a terrifying shape-shifting bear! No doubt it’s best to avoid this road if you’re travelling the highlands… 

7. Haunted Roads Stocksbridge Bypass, United Kingdom

Stocksbridge Bypass UK is one of the Most Haunted Roads around the World

The Stocksbridge Bypass is a road in the UK that connects Stocksbridge and Nottinghamshire to the M1 motorway. Locals have taken to calling it ‘Killer Road’ because of its high accident rate and reports of strange sightings.

The most common supernatural sightings are a group of ghostly children playing at night under the overpass. Workmen in the area say they can hear these children singing and laughing at all hours, but whenever security or the police go to investigate the children vanish without a trace.

A lone monk-like figure has also been spotted on the bridge, looking out into the night. There are even claims that the monk appears on people’s passenger seats while they’re driving! These wild sightings have led to formal police investigations, but these are ultimately futile.

The above photo is said to have been taken along Stocksbridge Bypass. It shows a dark figure standing in the middle of the road. It looks to have its hands folded in front of it, similar to the way you often see monks tucking their arms into their robes. Many people who have seen this photo believe that this figure is indeed the mysterious monk that’s haunted this road for decades. Unfortunately, the photographer has never come forward about this photo so the truth may never be known.

6. Morrow Road, USA

Morrow Road is one of the Most Haunted Roads around the World

Morrow Road is a lonely road in Algonac, Michigan. It’s bordered by a lake and thick woods, and is dripping with creepy atmosphere.

The legend of Morrow Road, which dates back to the late 1800s, is about a young mother who lost her child in a snowstorm. She spent the whole night searching, only to freeze to death alone on Morrow Road. Her spirit is said to haunt the road to this day. Rumours say it’s possible to summon her spirit by honking a car horn three times. Those who’ve seen her say she wears a bloody white gown and has a distorted face.

One motorist claims they took the above photo on their dash cam while driving down Morrow Road on a cold winter’s night. They were heading south towards St Clair River when they noticed something in the distance. It looked to be a woman walking barefoot along the dark, wet road. She was wearing nothing but a white nightgown and her gaze was turned downward as if she wasn’t watching where she was going. The driver pulled up a few feet in front and got out of the car to ask if they could help. However when they looked down the road there was no one in sight. Everything was eerily silent except for the wind through the grass.

Understandably, the driver was freaked out and rushed home to review the tape. Weirdly, there was nothing unusual in the footage except for a single eerie frame. When they paused it at just the right spot there was a still image of the woman walking down the road.

They swear that the image hasn’t been tampered with and have no explanation as to what took place that night.

Even sceptics have claimed they’ve heard a woman sobbing and an infant crying while travelling on Morrow Road.


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