Ghost Footage Too Scary to Watch

These stories are chilling!

This ghost footage is freaking the paranormal community out. From a menacing voice heard in a tunnel to a mysterious orb of light floating down the road, some are saying this ghost footage is just too scary to watch.

7. Ghost Footage – Grandma’s Spirit Moves Toy?

My daughter played her grandmas piano who passed away a month ago in japan. here we keep the cremated remains and bones /ashes for 49 days before finally burying at the grave yard. check out this while i was focused filming her a toy in the background starts to move and we were knly two in the room from r/Ghosts

Posted to Reddit by user Reegal27, this ghost footage is equal parts heartwarming and potentially disturbing. First, the uploader explains that the grandma of the little girl in the footage had recently passed away.

According to Japanese custom, the grandmother’s ashes were being kept for 49 days, awaiting graveyard burial. However, it seems that the grandmother had a bit of exploring left to do before allowing herself to be laid to rest permanently.

As the girl’s father proudly records her playing piano, the camera angle allows the viewer to see a singular toy car wheel by in the background. The uploader explains that only he and his daughter were in the room at the time, meaning the toy must have been pushed past by some other force.

Moving so purposefully, it is practically impossible for the toy to have moved that way without someone pushing it. The connection between the grandmother’s ashes and the toy quickly becomes apparent; the uploader believes the spirit of the grandma moved the toy car.

As a viewer, it seems highly probable that the two circumstances are linked, and that the grandma is benevolently enjoying her last few moments with her family before she is laid to rest for good.

6. Creepy Voice in Haunted Tunnel

Posted by Reddit user OpposingSound, the uploader of this video is a self-professed paranormal enthusiast and ghost hunter. After hearing about one of the scariest sites of paranormal activity in Massachusetts, the uploader decided to take his new GoPro and a friend and see what the hype was about, attempting to get some legitimate ghost footage along the way.

The site the two chose happened to be a tunnel known as “The Bloody Pit.” Having heard stories about the tunnel, the two remained unconvinced that it could have possibly been as bad as the stories let on. What they would find there, however, would go on to haunt them in the years to come.

Having earned the nickname due to the over 200 people who reportedly died creating the mountain tunnel, the tunnel has a rich past allowing for ample haunting opportunities. What’s more, the secluded tunnel has more recently been the site of a murder and numerous other crimes, leading law enforcement to effectively ban people from visiting the spot.

Deciding the risk was worth it, the uploader and his friend made their way to the tunnel only to capture some seriously creepy audio. While standing in the tunnel, what sounds like a woman’s voice can be heard as picked up by the GoPro. Her words, “you’re gonna die” can be heard repeated over and over in the video.

Low and distorted, her words are partially disguised but seem to easily match the subtitles provided by the uploader. Distinctly ominous, the uploader explains in his Reddit post that the words have haunted him ever since, and understandably so.

5. Ghost Footage – Light Switch Moves On Its Own

Unexplained encounter my brother got on video… from r/Paranormal

Uploaded by Reddit user Nuhtzac, this is potentially some of the most obvious ghost footage we’ve seen yet. As is explained in both the video and accompanying Reddit post, the video was captured in the uploader’s mom’s house.

In the hallway in question is a singular light controlled by two separate switches. Keeping the camera on both switches as much as possible while still showing the light, the uploader points out that both switches are clearly in the “on” position.

While this seems like nothing particularly creepy, the hallway light begins to turn off and then on again, all by itself. Much more prolonged than a simple flicker, it is clear the light is actually being turned off and then on again.

As the light goes off the second time, the switch nearest to the uploader is clearly visibly switched to the “off” position, with nothing and no one anywhere near the switch.

If you slow the footage down, you can clearly see the switch flick downwards.

Many viewers have concluded that something supernatural, some invisible spirit, is messing around with the switch, purposefully turning the light off and then on again.

Rightly so, the uploader quickly “nopes” out of there, genuinely freaked out by the odd event he had just witnessed – and we can’t blame him. As the Reddit post explains, the uploader’s mother continues to live in the home, which has become a hotbed of odd experiences and potential supernatural events over the years.

4. Weird Orb of Light on Road

A slightly different type of ghost footage, this video uploaded to YouTube channel Caters News and taken by Andrew Hearn, takes mysterious orb footage to another level.

While we have seen these orbs frequently captured by cameras, particularly security and CCTV cameras late at night, the video uploader has essentially gotten up close and personal with a bright and fast-moving orb.

A potential close encounter, the video depicts the uploader driving down the street at night. However, seen racing toward the uploader’s vehicle from the opposite direction is a large orb. Impressive in size from even far away, the orb seems to come almost dangerously close to the vehicle before moving on.

As the video is overlaid with some mysterious whispers, it is unclear whether these were added while editing the video in order to provide a dramatic effect or if it had been captured during the recording.

The addition of the whispering, however, makes it clear that the uploader had experienced a chilling and deeply affecting supernatural experience. With the one who experienced it seemingly haunted by the event, this is the kind of video one can watch over and over and still be left without answers.

3. Strange Figure Floating Above Crowd

This creepy clip seems to depict a ghost in the most traditional envisioning there is. Taken in the middle of a large crowd at night, a strange white figure can be seen floating through the air.

The figure appears as a white and billowing being, high above the crowd. Much like the traditional and cartoony depiction of ghosts, this figure seems to be fully human-sized and floating mid-air.

Whatever it is, moves purposefully over the crowd, gliding from one end to the other. In fact, while watching closely, it almost appears as though the figure is wading through the air.

The strange object is only visible for a few seconds making it hard to get a solid look. That, coupled with the low resolution footage, it’s hard to make any definitive conclusions.

Some commenters have concluded that it is indeed a ghost floating over the crowd. Others however, think it could simply be a bag caught in the wind or perhaps even a lantern.

I’ll throw this one out to you the audience, what do you make of this strange floating figure? Let me know in the comments below.

2. Ghost Footage – Creepy Figure Caught on CCTV

[3AM Podcast] 37 – White Dress

Posted by Reddit user defendaloha, the story behind this ghost footage, or lack thereof, is full of twists and turns.

Coming home late one night, a young woman named Kimberly goes to tell her father that she’s made it home safely. However, before she’s able to successfully approach her father, Kimberly hears a strange noise coming from inside the house. Because of this, she decides to do a quick sweep of her own home in order to ensure there is nothing wrong.

However, as she reaches the top level of her home, the home’s security system goes off and provides the family with an alert. As shown in the first screenshot uploaded to accompany the story, the security app sent a message to the family displaying “WARNING! An intrusion has been detected.”

The family moves to a safe part of the home while Kimberly’s dad explores the house, seeing nothing off except for the wide-open garage. As he checks the home, the security company calls him, to which he responds that they are not in any immediate danger.

However, this is before the footage from the motion-activated security cameras is sent to him in response to the odd activity.

The footage in question has not been provided to accompany the tale, but for good reason: there is nothing visible except for an odd thumbnail. What sets this story apart from a potential home invasion is the odd paranormal effect surrounding the footage.

The footage captured by the camera was supposedly completely pitch-black. As explained in the post, there is quite literally nothing visible in the video. However, despite nothing showing up on the video, the video’s thumbnail is prevailingly creepy.

Depicting a young woman hunched over, dressed entirely differently to Kimberly herself or anyone else within the home, the image is haunting enough on its own. However, when paired with the fact that it was scrubbed from the actual footage captured by the camera, the entire fiasco screams potential paranormal activity.

The figure in the thumbnail looks to be bald, has a strange, thin left arm and appears to be walking with a limp. Some have said the figure even looks like they’re wearing a hospital gown.

In this case, the lack of footage is certainly mysterious. Yet it leaves us having to trust the Reddit user and take their word that the footage came up black.

However, the haunting image of the strange figure standing in the home is certainly chilling and for now will have to remain a mystery.

1. Transparent Spectre Follows Man

Another iteration of odd ghost footage, this security footage seems to depict a man being followed by a creepy ghost. As seen in the footage, a man walks outside from one point to another.

However, immediately trailing behind him is an oddly distorted figure. The figure is just visible enough to be noticeable when picked up on the dark camera. And if you looks closely, you can actually see directly through the object. It almost looks like a hunched over person.

Whatever the spectre’s intentions, it is clear that it is keen on following the man in question – and quite closely too.

Video experts have analysed the footage and so far have come up with very little comforting conclusions. Some say it could just be an artifact pixel cluster, an occurrence that can sometimes happen with security footage. This is when old footage overlays on new footage and creates distorted figures. However, others believe that the eerie figure really is trailing behind the man.