Funny and Unusual Laws You Won’t Believe

These funny and unusual laws are just crazy

Laws keep us safe. They guide our moral judgment and keep outright anarchy at the door. Most laws make sense. Some, like the following are downright absurd. Who says putting ice cream in my pockets is a bad idea? Who says I can’t swig a bottle of vodka and operate a cow? Let’s take a look at some of the more memorable, funny and unusual laws you just won’t believe.



Funny and Unusual Laws Through History

Funny and unusual laws that have existed throughout history.

House of Geekery

Under 7th Century law of the German Francs anyone who fired a poison arrow and missed their target or hired an unsuccessful hit-man had to pay a fine of 63 shillings.

According to French and German laws written about the time of Charlemagne, if someone wounded another and a piece of bone protruded from the wound, the amount that the offender had to pay was determined in the following way: If the piece of bone protruding from the wound was big enough that if it was thrown over a public road and it could be heard to make a noise if it hit a shield on the other side then the offender would have to pay an extra 4 solidi on top of the amount he already owed for causing the original wound.

In early Babylonian law if a man accused another of a crime the accused had to leap into the river and if he sank, the accuser would get his house. Conversely, if the man made it out of the river without sinking then he would get the accusers house and the accuser was put to death.


Funny and Unusual Laws Today

Funny and unusual laws that still exist today.

Chelsea’s of New York

In Washington State there is a law that says any motorist with criminal intentions must stop at the city limits and telephone the Chief of Police as they are entering the town.

In the Californian town of Carmel-By-The-Sea it is illegal to wear high heels greater that 2 inches in height. If you wish to wear them, you must obtain a permit to do so from City Hall.

A New Yorker may not walk around on Sundays with an ice cream cone in their pocket.

In Victoria, Australia it is illegal to wear hot pink pants in public on a Sunday afternoon.

In Australia, every taxi is legally required to carry a bale of hay at all times.

In Britain it is illegal to handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances.

In Britain it is illegal to operate a cow while intoxicated.


Mustache Based Laws

Funny and unusual laws based on mustaches.

Nine Letter F Word

Between the 11th and 16th centuries in Russia anyone found guilty of assaulting a man’s mustache was forced to pay 12 grivnas. In contrast, it was only a 5 grivnas penalty for killing a woman.

During the time of Charlemagne, anyone found guilty of cutting off another man’s mustache received a 4 solidi fine.

To this day in Eureka, Navada it is illegal for men with mustaches to kiss women.


Laughable Laws

So there you have it. Some of the most ridiculous and funny laws that just don’t seem to make any sense. Chances are you’re breaking an unusual law right now. Oh, and put that salmon down, I know what you are planning to do with it!