Funny Bill Murray Stories You Have Never Heard

Did somebody say Bill Murray? Yes Please!

Bill Murray. The Man. The Myth. The Legend. It seems everyone has heard a handful of amusing Bill Murray stories. The man seems to be a magnet for hilarity. Like the time he took a chip off a random dude’s plate at a restaurant and said “No one will ever believe you.” Or the time Bill Murray and the Wu Tang Clan bar tended at a night club, only serving tequila no matter what the patrons ordered. Well here are some lesser known but equally funny Bill Murray stories that you may not have heard before. Let’s hope they are all true. The’re too good not to be!


Who Ya Gonna Call?

Bill Murray Ghostbusters

Adventure Amigos

Bill Murray walked into a bar in the West Village, New York and ordered a basket of hot wings and a scotch. We was carrying something under his arm that looked like a manuscript or book of some sort. As the night progressed Bill ordered another serve of wings and a few more drinks for himself. After finishing his second helping of hot wings, he began looking around for another napkin to wipe his sauce covered hands. Failing to get the waitresses attention, Bill began to tear pages off the manuscript he had with him, using the pages to wipe the spicy sauce from his fingers. At this point a star struck patron finally summed up the courage to introduce himself to Bill. As he walked over, Bill grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him closer. He tore another page from the manuscript and said “You have a little schmutz on your mouth” and began wiping the patron’s face with the page. It was then that the patron managed to catch a glimpse of a watermark on one of the crumpled pages. It read Ghostbuster’s 3, Back in Business. Bill noticed the change in expression on the patrons face and pulled him closer, whispering “No one will ever believe you.”


Bill Gives The Boot

Bill Murray at the football

Bill Murray Stories

In 2013, in South Carolina, the local football team, the Clemson Tigers were taking on rivals the Florida State Seminoles. Bill was on hand to do some guest commentating for ESPN as it was the showcase game for the week. After the game a Tigers fan saw Bill walking out of the stadium by the road. A female fan dressed from head to toe in Florida State colors approached Bill with a football and asked him to sign it for her. Bill yelled “GO TIGERS!”, Grabbed the ball of her and punted it over the road and into some thick bushes and then ran off.


Ferris Wheeler’s Day Off



A group of women decided to take a ride on the Ferris wheel new Ocean City Boardwalk in New Jersey. About half way around one of them leaned out of their cage to take a scenic photo. Suddenly she yelled “Someone threw up on me!”, Dropping the camera, which fell and smashed on the pavement bellow. The women looked up and noticed the vomit had come from the carriage above theirs. When they returned to the ground they quickly made their way to the ride operator to complain about what happened. As they did the carriage that was above them arrived at the platform. “Sorry.” A voice called out. The women turned to see a drunk, disheveled man step off the platform. It was Bill Murray. “Sorry about that. I spilled a bit of my dinner.” He said as he held up a half eaten box of clam chowder. He then turned to the women, looked each of them in the eye and said “You know, it’s a shame that no one will ever believe you.”


Base Bill Fan

Bill Murray sliding at baseball

Daily Picks and Flicks

Bill Murray is the co-owner of several minor league baseball teams including the Charleston Riverdogs. Bill is also the self appointed Director of Fun for the team. Last season, during a rain affected match, the crowd was treated to Bill’s boyish antics as he slid all over the giant tarps protecting the ground.


Bill Gets The Bill

Bill Murray riding a golf cart

Sun Times

While attending a golf tournament in Stockholm, Sweden, Bill Murray and several other VIP’s headed out one evening to an upmarket night club. The group stumbled out of the club, liquored up and in search of mischief. They spotted some empty golf carts just outside the hotel where they were staying and decided to take them for a joyride through the Stockholm streets. The police managed to apprehend and fine the group. Shortly after the incident, Bill appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman to explain his actions. Bill illustrated that he’s the type of guy who will see something he wants, knows he can afford any of the consequences of his actions financially, and goes ahead and takes it.

Well there you have it. Some lesser known Bill Murray stories. If Bill Murray is not the greatest human being on the face of this planet, I don’t know who is?