Eerie Footage That Shouldn’t Exist

These scary clips will give you the chills!

Most of us prefer to believe that everything in the world can be explained rationally. However, every once in a while we see something that science simply can’t explain. Below, read about seven examples of eerie footage that logic suggests has no right to exist.

7. Eerie Footage – Creepy Woman Seen in Jungle

There are certain paranormal legends that seem almost universal. Many countries have their own version of the Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. However, there is also a certain type of ghost that appears in the lore and mythology of numerous cultures. This ghost is the woman in white.

In most legends about this terrifying type of spirit, the woman in white is described as a pale, sad-looking woman with long, usually dark, hair. She is always dressed in white: typically, a long, flowing dress. The color white is often a symbol of purity and innocence. This is appropriate attire for the spirits in the legends associated with the woman in white. Typically, the women in these stories are devoted wives and mothers who tragically lose their lovers or children, and their own lives typically end in violence. Their spirits then roam the earth searching for their lost loved ones.

In this video, a group of ghost hunters appears to have captured an image of a woman in white in their eerie footage shot in a jungle. In the dark of night, a mysterious woman in a white dress appears in the foliage. Her head down, her long, dark hair obscures her face. One of the ghost hunters approaches the spirit, his hands in the air to indicate that he means no harm. However, the mysterious lady slips away into the trees when he gets too close.

The clip continues as the hunters once again find the mysterious woman, standing eerily among the undergrowth. Again, the hunter approaches with his hands up but as before, the woman slips away, seemingly vanishing into thin air.

This routine happens several more times. The hunters approach and the woman disappears.

Who could this mysterious person be? Many believe that the video is a hoax. Still, the appearance of this melancholy ghost-like entity is chilling.

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6. Strange Entity Caught on Security Camera

When the Hernandez family sat down to enjoy a peaceful dinner in their home in Clovis, California, they never expected their in-home security cameras to provide eerie footage for their mealtime entertainment. Yet, the family had hardly begun their meal when they suddenly jumped out of their seats to get a closer look at the bizarre entity making an appearance on the video.

This particular camera pointed at the parking area outside of the home. At first, it looks like a normal, peaceful night. Then, a strange figure begins working its way through the parking lot. The apparition could almost be a ghost out of an old horror film; it appears as a vaguely human-shaped figure that trails off as it reaches the ground. The apparition moves quickly, almost as if teleporting from one spot to another, the insubstantial white that makes up its form trailing behind it like a mist.

In footage from another camera, we see the family leave the table and head closer to the screen, watching the apparition carefully as it dances across the parking lot. They later stated their hair immediately stood on end as they watched the footage, certain that they were looking at something not of this world. Even the family dog seemed to know that something was not quite right, but none of them could explain the bizarre entity that thankfully stayed outside.

5. Eerie Footage – Shadow Follows Woman in Waiting Room

Surveillance is everywhere. Luckily for ghost hunters, closed circuit cameras seem to be great at recording eerie footage created by ghosts lurking in places where you least expect them. This bizarre video was recorded by a CCTV camera set in the ceiling of an ordinary waiting room. The room is full of people, so the woman who seems to have attracted a ghostly admirer was unlikely to be expecting a supernatural encounter.

The video shows a large room. Several people are waiting among the rows of chairs that take up much of the space. One woman stands at a window being helped by a staff member. Nothing unusual happens until the woman at the window turns away and begins walking across the room. After she takes a few steps, it becomes clear that she is being followed. A strange shadow seems to stalk her, following a few feet behind as she exits the room. The shape and movements of the shadow are reminiscent of a massive bat, but the camera only catches a shadow.

The video went viral on Chinese social media, but many viewers claim that the eerie footage is fake. They point to the fact that no one in the room appears to notice the unusual apparition, suggesting that it was artificially added to the video. However, it isn’t unusual for spirits to appear on film, even when the witnesses swear nothing was there. Was this shadowy bat the real deal? You’ll have to decide for yourself.

4. Eerie Footage – Woman Walking Along Train Tracks

Residents of a town in Indonesia were shocked and saddened when a woman chose to step in front of an oncoming train to take her own life. In the days after the incident, many people raised questions about why the woman made the unfortunate choice that led to her death. No one seemed to know her reasoning, but obviously, some sort of tragic story must have led to her grisly decision. The people of the town tried to move on. Unfortunately, the woman’s spirit had other ideas.

Exactly seven days after the woman took her own life on the train tracks, residents who lived nearby began reporting that they saw a woman with long, dark hair in a white dress walking along the tracks late at night. Reminiscent of the backstories in other “woman in white” tales, it seems that the tragic nature of this woman’s death has trapped her spirit in the place where she died.

In this video, a group of young boys decides to stay out after curfew to attempt to capture some eerie footage of the town’s new ghost. The video clearly shows a dark-haired woman in a long white dress walking down the tracks just in front of them. No matter how quickly they walk, she always stays a few yards ahead of them. She never turns to give the camera a glimpse of her face, but the residents of the neighborhood are convinced that she is the lingering spirit of the woman who met her end mere weeks before.

3. Ghostly Boy Scares Rider

Kids are known for having a strange sense of humor. When a child tragically dies before their time, do they take that sense of humor with them? This eerie footage seems to suggest that they do.

The footage shows what appears to be a pale young boy wearing all white standing in the middle of a dark road. The images on the screen are still until a motorcycle suddenly drives into the frame. The rider brakes just as the front tire of the bike comes into contact with the boy. Believing that he has just run over a child, the rider climbs off the bike and begins searching the ground for his accidental victim. The rider seems puzzled when he can find no trace of the boy that had been standing in the middle of the road mere moments before.

Suddenly, the boy reappears on the side of the road. The rider is clearly shocked and terrified. He lets out a scream before abandoning his motorcycle and running away from the apparition. Children often enjoy jumping out to scare people; this little boy seems to have discovered that it’s even more fun when you’re a ghost.

2. Eerie Footage – Mysterious Object Caught Flying in Turkey

When a security guard in Turkey was monitoring video feeds late one evening, they saw something that immediately made them whip out their phone to film the screen. Many internet users have watched the footage, but no one can explain exactly what the video captured.

The footage begins with what at first appears to be an ordinary person in a white suit walking onto the street. They meander around for a while, looking almost lost as they move around. Suddenly, the figure lifts off of the ground and begins hovering in the air. To make the footage even more bizarre, the figure remains completely upright while in the air: a very unusual position for flying.

The figure alights to the ground and takes off again several times, never traveling far. They seem happy to just hover a few feet off the ground. After a few short flights, the mysterious aviator returns to the ground and casually walks away and out of range of the camera.

1. Shadowy Figure Captured on Film

In another terrifying security camera video, an entity that truly defies explanation had a group of office workers terrified of what might be lurking in their workspace. Although the apparition appeared long after closing time, its appearance on the security footage was nonetheless terrifying.

On a particular spot on the floor just near the far wall, a black shadow begins to appear. Over the course of a few seconds, the small spot of darkness begins to grow darker and larger. Eventually, it seems to extend forward across the floor, almost appearing like a torso with only a pair of long arms attached. Then, the shadow grows taller, looking for just a moment like a full person, until collapsing back into an amorphous shadow.

A shot from another angle provides glimpses of what appears to be the silhouette of a face as the apparition undergoes its terrifying transformation. Taken as a whole, the video brings to mind the image of a demon struggling to free itself from the hellscape below before being dragged back to eternal damnation. Hopefully, the unsuspecting staff of this office hasn’t unwittingly settled down to work atop a portal to hell.