Don’t Watch These Ghost Videos Alone in the Dark

Do you think you have nerves of steel? Think again! We have found 6 ghost videos that are sure to have you trembling in your boots. Don’t watch these ghost videos alone in the dark…

6. Security Camera Catches Ghost?


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This eerie piece of security footage uploaded to Instagram by newmexico_grownn seems to show an eerie figure walking down their nature strip.

The uploader explains that at 3:09 AM they noticed the strange person walking down their street on their home security system. By the time they went outside to investigate, the figure had somehow travelled to the next block over in what seemed like an unusually quick time frame. When they went inside to review the footage, they were stunned at what they saw.

The white flowing figure seen walking down the road is distinctly noncorporeal. At times, it appears to float directly through other objects, becoming more or less translucent.

In the description of the video, the uploader to urges viewers to focus on the license plate of the vehicle across the street, which remain in view even when the figure appears to walk in front of it.

Viewers often chalk these kinds of events up to the poor quality of home security systems, however this piece of footage is undeniably creepy and does make you question just what’s been caught on camera.


5. Ghostly Voice Heard on Phone

unexplained breathing in voice text my friend sent me- she was alone on a 10 hour car ride and just witnessed an accident from r/Ghosts


Posted to Reddit by user katie_1113, this clip is certainly unnerving. The poster explains that the video in question features a voice text from her friend.

Her friend had just undertaken a 10-hour car ride solo at the time. She sent the poster a voice text when she had reached a standstill. Having witnessed a car accident, the friend clearly needed to work out what she had just seen.

However, the contents of the voice recording would unveil more than the friend originally intended. During the call, there are two distinct moments when another person can be heard breathing clearly.

As the friend explains the accident and what she saw, you can hear a deep, breathy sound. It happens a second time later in the clip.

Again, the friend was alone in the car with her windows up. She has also insisted that the files haven’t been edited in any way. So where did the strange sound come from?

Some commenters were quick to connect the accident with the eerie breathing. They concluded that perhaps a someone died in the crash and the sound bite somehow captured the breathing of the person as they passed over.

In fact, some headphone users even report hearing a child-like giggle before the second string of breaths. This is enough to send chills running down anyone’s spine.

4. Ghost Videos: Cat Manifests on Couch?

Could this be a ghost of my cat? Anyone able to figure out what it is? from r/Ghosts


Posted by Reddit user Chlochan, this video appears to show something inexplicable.

The video is focused on a normal living room setup. Pointed toward the sofa, a cat is seen lounging cheerily. However, it’s not this cat we’re worried about. Keep an eye on the sofa to the left.

As the lights turn on, and the camera switches out of night vision, you can see what looks to be a black cat materialising on the couch. The uploader then comes into the room, looks around and leaves.

Scarier still, the uploader claims they used to have a black cat named Blackjack who passed away almost exactly a year prior.

Surely the uploader would have noticed a black cat sitting on their sofa when they looked in the room. But there, caught on camera, a black cat does indeed appear to materialise out of nowhere.

Could this really be Blackjack trying to reconnect with their former owner? Love to hear your thoughts on this one in the comments below.

3. Ghost Videos: Home Security Catches Apparition



Like many classic ghost videos, this security camera footage is short yet telling. Seemingly captured in a residence in the middle of the night, this footage shows a ghostly figure walking on the left side of the screen.

While the doorway appears to be brightly lit, the left side of the room is in near-total darkness.

The shape in question appears to be mostly translucent. Nearly invisible to the naked eye, the figure can only be slightly differentiated from the dark background across which it walks. Slightly flowing and translucent, whatever it is resembles the classic representation of ghosts.

Unfortunately there’s little information to go with this strange piece of footage. Like many ghost clips on the internet it’s all too brief and doesn’t fully explain where or when it was taken. So until further info comes to hand this mysterious clip will have to remain uncertain.

2. Woman in White Vanishes on Camera



Posted to the YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, this next video is certainly chilling. The video very clearly shows a ghostly woman dressed in white, with long black hair walking through an empty mall at night.

The shopping mall in question is none other than Galerías La Paz, a Mexican shopping mall known for its association with the occult. According to the video’s description, the mall is rumoured to be linked to odd occurrences and has a history of human and animal sacrifices.

The woman in question appears on the security footage clear as day. In fact, she almost seems to walk right through the security officer doing his rounds. However, the man does not seem to notice the woman. He continues walking forward.

Apparently unfazed, the security officer continues walking, finishing his checks, and reporting back to the security room. It’s alleged that his partner asked if he saw the strange woman while doing his rounds. He said no, he didn’t see anyone while walking through the mall.

Puzzled and unsure what his partner was talking about, the two replayed the CCTV footage. Startled, the security officer in the video was confronted by the clear video of this ghostly woman in white walking toward him – a woman he had no real-life memory of seeing.

Thoroughly creepy, this footage will surely haunt those security guards for their remaining working days.

1. Ghost Videos: Shadow Person Appears in Video?



Uploaded by YouTube user Léo Lins, this video features the popular Brazilian comedian, writer, and actor, and his Brazilian model partner Aline Mineiro.

Due to his popularity, it’s no surprise this video already has over half a million views and counting. While responding to social media comments, the two are seen sitting alone in a room with the camera focused solely on them. They continue chatting and responding to fans.

That’s when something eerie appears to happen in the background. The first occurrence, roughly around 17:35, seems to show a strange shadow moving in the background. It moves quickly from left to right. If you slow the footage down, there is indeed something moving behind the famous pair.

While the two are seen speaking in real-time, it is clear the footage has not been sped up or altered in any way. In fact, because the two do not notice and therefore do not draw any attention to the shadow it helps to solidify the idea that the footage had not been altered in any way.

It is not until later in the video, around the 21:56 mark, that the shadow is seen again. This time the appearance is less obvious, but if you keep an eye on the TV on the right, you can see it once more. At first it looks like something simply moving on the TV. But the more you watch it, the more it becomes apparent that it’s not connected to the visuals being played on the television.

Because Lins and Mineiro don’t play the event up or even seem to notice and the fact that they are talking about something else entirely does lend a bit of credibility to this sighting.