8 Dancing Dogs That Put YOUR Dance Moves to Shame

Everyone loves dancing dog gifs

So you think you can successfully navigate a dance floor? Fancy yourself Travolta in his prime? You’ve got those well-oiled set of moves that have served you so well over the years. You’re licensed for a sweet two-step, head bob and that killer shoulder shimmy that comes out after a few drinks when you’re just too into the beat to possibly deprive onlookers of a free masterclass in Shake Dat.

Well maybe just calm your slippery hips down for a minute because these dancing dogs put your moves to shame.

We recommend you put some music on with a bit of sass as you learn how to feel true passion while watching these funny dancing dog gifs and videos.


This dog’s just warming up.

Funny dancing dogs gif
Source: Cheezburger


Now we’re starting to get some heat. Damn.

Dancing poodle gif
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I think this pooch has had one too many biscuits.

Disco dancing dogs gif
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The key is to feel the rhythm pulsing through your loins. Every part of your body must feel electric. Yeah like this.

Cute dancing dogs gif
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‘Hello my name is Andre, I teach Salsa by the water in the evenings. I am a part-time photographer and long-time poet.   Let us sway to the rhythm. Shhhh, no more talk.’

Source: Senor Gif 


This dog be like “Bitches, can you feel me?”

 Source: Ohmagif

I think we can all learn a thing or two from the suppleness of this dogs hips.

 Source: Gifbin

Watch and learn.  This dog is putting on a dancing master class.

Channel: harapeno 

We hope you’ve enjoyed these hilarious dancing dogs strutting their stuff. These disco pooches have some serious moves!