Cute Animals That Can Kill You

Run for your life! These animals are dangerously cute!

Think twice before hugging these adorable animals. With hidden barbs, gigantic teeth and frenzy-like rage, these seemingly innocent animals can be very dangerous indeed. They are cute animals that can kill you!


Cute Animals That Can Kill You – Poison Dart Frog

A blue Poison Dart Frog with black spotted pattern. These frogs are cute animals that can kill you

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Found in the warmer areas of South America, the Poison Dart Frog with it’s bright colours and intricate patterns,  looks like it would make a perfect pet for any curious child. But these miniature works of art hold a sinister secret, or should I say secretion.  These fatal frogs secrete poison from their skin and their bright coloring is designed to warn potential predators of impending doom! The most dangerous of the species, the Golden Poison Frog produces enough poison to kill 10 to 20 adult men!


Cute Animals That Can Kill You – The Male Platypus

Male and female platypus. A male platypus is a cute animal that can kill you.

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Australia has so many dangerous creatures, even the cute ones can mess you up pretty good! The male Platypus has a small, hidden spur on its rear ankle that is capable of injecting venom into its victims. The venom causes excruciating, incapacitating pain and a heightened  sensitivity to pain that may last for weeks or even months. The females do not posses a venomous barb, so feel free to hug as many as you want. The only problem is, they look exactly like the males! Platypus roulette anyone?


Cute Animals That Can Kill You – Puffer Fish

A little Puffer Fish smiling. These fish are cute animals that can kill you

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Don’t let the smile fool you, the Puffer Fish is the second most poisonous vertebrate in the world behind our old mate the Golden Poison Frog. It is thought that bacteria in the fishes intestinal tract produce the deadly toxins that accumulate in the fishes liver. In many Asian countries the Puffer Fish is considered a delicacy than has to be prepared by specially trained chefs in order to avoid the possibility of serving up a potentially deadly dinner. When consumed, the toxic effects of the fish can cause paralysis of the diaphragm muscles leading to breathlessness and eventually death. Maybe I’ll just get the chips this time.


Cute Animals That Can Kill You – The Grizzly Bear

A bear waving it's hand. Bears are cute animals that can kill you

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The male Grizzly Bear of North America can grow up to 3 meters (9.8 ft) in length and weigh as much as 680 kg (1500 lbs). Try hugging that before you fall asleep at night time! It has been estimated that an adult Grizzly Bear has enough strength to crush a bowling ball in its jaws, making your head seem like a souffle by comparison. Despite the male’s huge size, the slightly smaller female Grizzly Bear is considered more dangerous to humans. This is due to the ferocious way in which she guards her young bear cubs. It is little wonder then that the Californian subspecies was named ursus horribilis, which means horrible bear  in Latin. You’ll never look at your Teddy the same way again!


Cute Animals That Can Kill You – Chimpanzee

Baby chimpanzee poking it's tongue out. Chimpanzees are cute animals that can kill you.

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Chimps have done it all. Driven cars, mastered the roller skates. They have even been to space. That’s probably because they are the closest living relatives to humans. Chimps are very intelligent and have a very sophisticated social structure. They use tools, display affection and play. They have even been observed feeding hungry turtles and mourning for lost loved ones. Like humans, chimps can also get very violent. Male chimps are extremely strong and tend to exhibit increasingly angry behavior as they age. In 2009, in Stamford Connecticut, Travis, a captive chimp since birth, savagely mauled a woman who was trying to help his owner catch him after he escaped. He blinded her and tore off her nose and hands.


Cute Animals That Can Kill You – Hippopotamus

Baby Hippopotamus looking at the camera. Hippopotamuses are cute animals that can kill you

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Hippopotamus means river horse in ancient Greek. However, the hippopotamus is actually more closely related to the whale. These lumbering lummoxes spend most of their time wallowing in the waterways throughout sub-Saharan Africa. But don’t let their seemingly placid temperament fool you. These beasts can turn on the rage when it counts. In fact, the hippopotamus is regarded as the most dangerous animal in Africa. With its ferocious temperament and huge teeth, the hippopotamus is responsible for more human deaths each year than any other African animal.


Well there it is. Cute animals that can kill you. They may look innocent enough. But underneath their adorable exterior lurks a sinister secret. ‘Kill all humans!’