10 Crop Circles That Have Left Authorities Stunned

These crop circles will leave you stunned!

5. Chilbolton Observatory Crop Circles

Look at these stunning crop circles.

In 1974, scientists sent the Arecibo message into outer space. The encoded broadcast contained basic information about Earth and human life, like the numbers 1-10, DNA sequencing and a map of our solar system. This message was intended to be received by extraterrestrials.

In 2001, a startling series of crop circles began appearing next to the Chilbolton Observatory in Stockbridge, UK.

One formation seemed to show a humanoid face while the other represented the binary broadcast of the Arecibo message. However, certain parts of the message had been altered. Instead of information about human DNA and our solar system, the modified message contained data detailing a different star system and something else’s genetic makeup.

Was the Arecibo message received by aliens as intended and have they broadcast this modified version back to Earth in an effort to make first contact?

4. Alien Face Crop Circle

These crop circles have authorities baffled!

This distinct crop circle appeared in August 2002 in a field near Winchester in Hampshire, UK.

The formation depicts a large grey alien face with a disk shape on the right. When cryptologists analysed the image they realised that the circle was actually binary code that had an encrypted message embedded it. The message reads: ‘Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING [BELL SOUND]’.

Skeptics have noted that the alien face is too familiar looking, almost like a cartoon depiction of aliens. They’ve also pointed out, while the message is in binary, it’s a very simple message, one that doesn’t seem to match the prowess of a race of interstellar travelers.

Others think that perhaps the message was created by a covert government organization that is privy to top secret information regarding alien life.

Whatever the case may be, this formation remains one of the most mysterious crop circles ever discovered and continues to baffle authorities even today.

3. Milk Hill Crop Circle, 2001

One of the largest crop circles ever discovered.

This is one of the largest crop circles ever discovered and it has officials baffled.

Discovered in Milk Hill, a rural area of Wiltshire, UK, this enormous formation spans 238 metres (780 feet). It features 409 circles which form what’s known as a triskelion, a pattern of three interlocking spirals. The ancient symbol has been noted in several cultures across the world dating back thousands of years.

When the owner of the crop first discovered the creation he was stunned at what he saw. The formation is so intricate and detailed he was certain he would have seen someone or something in the field the night it was created.

The crop pattern is so large that it took researchers more than a half an hour just to find the centre of it.

Crop circle enthusiasts, or ‘croppers’ as they’re often referred to, regard the Milk Hill discovery as one of the finest examples of an inexplicable field formation. It is often cited in documentaries and has perplexed the community since 2001.

2. Julia Set Crop Circle, Stonehenge 1996

Baffling crop circles have authorities stunned.  

This is one of the most perplexing crop circles ever discovered.

In July, 1996 this enormous pattern was discovered in a field adjacent to the famous neolithic monument Stonehenge. The imprint is an intricate fractal design known as a Julia Set, a combination of complex numbers that don’t converge to any limit.

The curious thing about this crop circle is the way it seemed to appear out of nowhere in broad daylight.

Stonehenge, which was just metres from the discovery has a near constant stream of tourists and is under 24 hour watch by security guards. No one reported seeing any activity in the neighbouring field.

The A303 highway slices right between the field and Stonehenge. Motorists travel the busy road day and night, yet no one witnessed any activity in the field. Several drivers did however report an unusual mist hanging in the meadow.

Stranger still, busy nearby Thruxton Airport often runs tourist flights over Stonehenge. On the day of discovery, a pilot claims he was flying over Stonehenge late Sunday afternoon and didn’t notice anything unusual in the fields below. Just 45 minutes later, on his return run, he spotted the enormous 274 metre, (900 feet) shape below.

This suggests that someone or something managed to create the elaborate crop circle in plain site in under 45 minutes without any witnesses whatsoever.

1. Most Complex Crop Circle Ever Discovered

These crop circles have authorities baffled.

This crop circle has been hailed as the most complex formation ever discovered in the UK.

This nuanced pattern was imprinted into a field of barley in 2008 in Wiltshire. As usual, the mysterious shape appeared overnight with little to no evidence as to how it got there.

Crop circles often appear near ancient monuments and tend to have very complex mathematical codes embedded into their structure. This one was spotted near Barbury Castle, an iron-age hill fort above Wroughton, Wilts

When the crop circle was examined by astrophysicists, they were dumbfound by what they saw. The formation is 45 metres wide (150 feet) and has the first 10 digits of pi coded into the pattern.

Michael Reed, the astrophysicist sent to investigate the formation said:

‘The tenth digit has even been correctly rounded up. The little dot near the centre is the decimal point. The code is based on 10 angular segments with the radial jumps being the indicator of each segment. Starting at the centre and counting the number of one-tenth segments in each section contained by the change in radius clearly shows the values of the first 10 digits in the value of pi.’

How is it that such a precise and intricate design can be imprinted into a field within a matter of hours without any witnesses? Even if it was formed by humans, the genius and craftsmanship required to create such a geometric composition is boggling. Love to hear your take in the comments below.

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