Creepy TikTok Ghost Videos That Went Viral

These clips are creepy!

These Tiktok ghost videos have everyone talking. From an eerie shadow figure captured on film to a strange entity that has been pacing back and forth for weeks, these creepy Tiktok ghost videos have gone viral, yet no one can explain them.

5. Tiktok Ghost Videos – “Shadow Person” Spotted on TikTok

TikTok user naomivaldiviezoru just wanted to share a slow, sweet jam with the world when she accidentally posted a shudder-inducing snippet.

The woman in this video is too busy focusing on her carefully choreographed moves to notice that a dark figure appears to creep up behind her left shoulder toward the end of the clip. This shadow person moves into view from the darkness without much fanfare.

We don’t have a ton of background regarding where or why this video was taken. The notable thing is that the woman dancing does appear to be in some sort of indoor or outdoor brick alleyway. The hashtags used by naomivaldiviezoru seem to suggest that she is a TikTok user based out of Mexico.

Interestingly, since we began researching this video, the original clip is no longer available on Tiktok. In fact, it looks like the account has changed hands or even been sold. This could suggest the entire thing was staged for publicity.

I guess without further information, this clip, which at its core is very unsettling, will have to remain a mystery.

4. Tiktok Ghost Videos – The Vanishing Figure

@abuu_48Y mi nieta por detrás 😂❤️♬ sonido original – audioslatinos

This next video from abuu_48 shows that at least one ghost out there likes to upstage wannabe pop stars.

The video shows a woman very enthusiastically dancing and singing along in her home. However, it turns out this isn’t really a one-woman show. We see what appears to be a fast-moving shadow figure zoom right by the woman. The figure has very human-like movements. However, we can definitely see that it’s moving a bit faster than a person would normally run. It certainly makes you wonder what the rush is all about.

Some viewers think the figure is nothing more than a friend or family member running through the shot. Others however, believe there’s something more sinister afoot in this clip.

So, is this a shadow person, or just a family member interrupting some mad moves? Let me know in the comments below.

3. Ghost Shuts Door on TikTok

@aliyahliaDID u guys see that light thing when the door was closing! 🤨😌##foryou ##viral ##ghost♬ original sound – aliyahlia

In April of 2020, user aliyahlia  shared an eerie TikTok ghost video.

There’s no singing or dancing here. What we do see is an interior shot of aliyahlia’s bedroom. She appears to be waiting for a ghost she is familiar with to go ahead and shut the door to her bedroom. We can probably assume that this is a pretty common occurrence if she’s waiting poised and ready to capture the footage. The short snippet shows the door in the user’s bedroom slowly and steadily closing. Of course, savvy ghost watchers will probably notice that the video doesn’t show the top portion of the door. That fact alone makes it entirely possible that some sort of mechanism is being used to cause the door to “shut” on its own.

2. Eerie Figure Paces for Days

@bettsnangel69Look in the woods to right…do you see it? Part 1 ##haunted ##hauntedtiktok ##ghost♬ original sound – bettsnangel69

A TikTok user named bettsnangel69 shares one of the most compelling TikTok ghost videos of all time. This is actually a series of videos documenting some pretty strange activity. Let’s dive into what can only be described as a front-yard haunting saga!

TikTok user bettsnangel69 begins with a video showing what appears to be a figure pacing back and forth in a grassy, wooded patch of land that is across the street from her house.

We then get an update from the next day. The ghost figure is still pacing. However, this time we can see an outline of a figure much more clearly. According to the uploader, whoever or whatever is out there had been walking back and forth non-stop.

@bettsnangel69Day 2 of this this pacing back n forth in the woods across the street from my house. I think I might go over there 😳 ##haunted. ##hauntedtiktok ##ghost♬ original sound – bettsnangel69

The woman sharing the videos skips ahead to the fifth day of the strange activity. We get some interesting information regarding the sighting in this video. It turns out that the patch of land where the figure can be spotted is actually adjacent to a church building that is located directly across the street from the uploader’s house.

@bettsnangel69Day 5 This is So weird!! ##ghost ##haunted ##scary ##hauntedtiktok ##fyp ##trending♬ original sound – bettsnangel69

The update we get from the fifth video is that the figure continues to pace back and forth daily. We also learn that bettsnangel69 has actually walked over to the area where the figure can be seen pacing to try to confront it. However, she claims that the figure disappears once you get close to the area. She even promises to record herself making the trek over there in her next video. What happens next?

This after-dark footage shows bettsnangel69’s dog acting up, barking and howling toward the area where the figure paces. The dog is clearly very agitated.

@bettsnangel69My dogs reaction to WHATEVER is creeping around across the street.##creepy ##ghost ##haunted ##hauntedtiktok ##fyp♬ original sound – bettsnangel69

Next, it’s the big reveal video. This is where bettsnangel69 actually takes us on a walk over to the grassy area where a strange figure can be seen pacing. Unfortunately, this proves to be one of the more anticlimactic TikTok ghost videos. That’s because bettsnangel69 gets scared before deciding to return to her house. However, she does point out that you can still see the figure pacing.

@bettsnangel691st attempt to go over and see. Got nervous and went home. If you look close you can STILL see it/him pacing. Will post my 2nd attempt 😳 ##creepy ##fyp♬ original sound – bettsnangel69

Things get a little more dramatic after that. TikTok user bettsnangel69 shares a few videos where she simply explains her decision to upload videos of the shadow figure to get feedback from friends and family regarding what’s going on. She also shares that she initially thought the pacing figure might be a person with mental illness. However, she eventually began to wonder if something far more sinister could be taking place after the figure paced for hours, days and weeks at a time. She also shares that her husband has agreed to walk over to investigate the situation with her. That’s precisely what’s seen in the next set of videos.

@bettsnangel69Story Time Part 1 (bare with me I don’t know what I’m doing) ##Scary ##Spookey ##hauntedtiktok♬ original sound – bettsnangel69

The two decide to walk over to investigate the pacing figure once and for all! However, they get a scare they weren’t quite anticipating. They are scared off by a horrifying sound that clearly did not come from any human source. They make the very smart decision to run away. It’s still very far from over.

@bettsnangel69This scared the shit out of us! It did NOT sound human. Volume up at the end 😭##hauntedtiktok ##Scary ##Ghost ##Haunted ##ftp ##Nope♬ original sound – bettsnangel69

We then see a video of a cop car parked in the parking lot of the church. TikTok user bettsnangel69 claims that the police are investigating the situation because they are aware that something is going on. However, she declines to show footage of the cops walking over to the area to protect their privacy. For skeptics, this does open up the possibility that the police car was merely parked in the lot for a completely unrelated reason. That’s exactly why bettsnangel69 posted another video addressing common questions and doubts. It’s answer time.

@bettsnangel69Reply to @ryansherrill93♬ original sound – bettsnangel69

First, bettsnangel69 answers some questions she has received about what she might be “hiding.” Some Internet users claim that she is blocking those who cast doubt on her experiences. However, her rebuttal is that she has been forced to block some users who have posted her address online. She even claims that Google maps that highlight the specific location of her home have been posted online. She does invite people who are already familiar with the area to investigate on their own if they already know where the church is located. In fact, she encourages people to visit the church to try to figure out exactly what is going on! Her only issue is that she does not want her address posted publicly. That seems like a reasonable enough justification for deleting some comments.

@bettsnangel69Part 3 Answering questions♬ original sound – bettsnangel69

Does bettsnangel69 think what she is seeing is a ghost or a human? She reveals she has “no clue” about what the figure could be. However, she shares her personal opinion that the family members of whoever the person is need to intervene if it is a human. She is concerned that the person pacing back and forth has been doing so for more than a month without apparently changing clothes or eating. She does think it’s possible that the person she is seeing is a homeless person who has taken up residence in the church parking lot. However, the fact that the pacing figure does not appear to take breaks to eat, sleep or use the bathroom causes her to wonder. It should make us all wonder.

The saga still isn’t over. We get yet another update video from bettsnangel69. This time, she’s sharing a terrifying experience from the night before. The creepiness started when her dog “went crazy” at around 11 p.m. However, the family went to bed after not being able to hear or see anything out in the yard that could be causing the dog to act up. A peaceful night was not in store.

@bettsnangel69Part 1 of Security Cams ##Screams ##Scary ##hauntedtiktok ##Ghost♬ original sound – bettsnangel69

The family of bettsnangel69 was jolted awake somewhere between the hours of 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. by the sound of a man screaming. This is where we learn that bettsnangel69’s home actually has a security camera. The footage shows a very still, calm night with no intruders in sight. However, there is something very odd on the screen that would have been captured at around 2 a.m. A mist appears on the screen at what bettsnangel69 claims is the exact moment she and her family heard screaming.

Unfortunately, that’s about as far as the saga goes for now. We can only assume that the shadow figure is still out there pacing. Of course, bettsnangel69 can only hope that whoever or whatever is keeping watch across the street from her home doesn’t get bold enough to come so close again!

1. Eerie Figure Appears Behind Drawers

This next clip on the list of the creepiest TikTok ghost videos may just inspire you to check behind your dresser for something more than dust bunnies.

Andy Salces shares footage of a very creepy encounter that takes place in a bedroom. The uploader is participating in some type of video chat or video blog when something out of the ordinary happens. An eerie figure pokes out from behind the dresser that is against the wall right behind the uploader. You may miss what happens the first time around if you don’t know where to look. But if you slow it down, there’s definitely something there.

It’s hard to see the exact shape and size of the figure because it is obscured by the dresser. However, it does “peek out” from the side of the dresser pretty eagerly. The video also contains a brief “investigation” behind the dresser that turns up nothing.

There’s obviously a lot in this video for skeptics to jump on. First, any TikTok ghost videos that only show “part” of a creature popping out from an obscured area will be suspicious. We can also see in some of the wider shots that the dresser in question is actually positioned right next to an area that is curtained off. It’s hard to argue that this wouldn’t be the perfect staging area for using a long pole of some type to make a figure “pop out” from the dresser. It’s up to you to decide if this is a real TikTok ghost video or a hoax. Let me know in the comments below.