Scary Footage Caught by Ring Doorbell Security Cameras

Would you answer the door?

5. Attempted Break In, Oakland CA

This incident is something you hope you’ll never have to experience.

On April 17, 2017 at around 2:15 PM in Maxwell Park in Oakland, California, two hooded men attempted to kick a front door in.

Fifteen minutes prior, one of the men rang the doorbell to see if anyone at home. The homeowner who was inside at the time, didn’t hear the bell as they were wearing headphones.

The men returned, thinking that the property was empty and attempted to smash the door in and rob the home.

The homeowner eventually yelled at the intruders scaring them away. A neighbour spotted the men fleeing down the street. It’s not known whether the men were later identified.

4. Eerie Voice Heard on Ring Doorbell Camera

This is an unsettling little clip that got some attention in October, 2017.

The uploader claims their doorbell camera app notified them of a visitor. When they checked the footage they couldn’t see anyone at the door. However, a demonic sounding voice could be heard mumbling something into the microphone.

Some viewers were quick to say it was a poltergeist making contact. Others noted the October upload date and that there is some skulls decorating the entrance to the home, which most likely chalks this incident up as a Halloween prank.

3. A Slithering Snake Pays a Visit

This clip is very similar to a video we featured in a previous creepy doorbell camera article.

In early 2018, this front door surveillance camera in Texas was activated when movement was detected. The homeowner, Alison Keller, was notified of the movement and checked the camera to see who was there. To her surprise she saw an enormous snake slithering up her door. It’s believed to be a Texas rat snake that a quite common in the area.

The critter coils itself around the lock of the door and even at one point loses grip and falls. Undeterred, the snake continues to climb the door.

The unsettling footage was picked up by a number of news sites making this slippery visitor somewhat internet famous.

2. Unusual Visitor

Youtuber LMSTactical was sitting in his basement watching TV when he got a message on his doorbell camera app that there was a visitor at the front door. When he checked the live camera feed it looked as though a long haired person was lurking  just off camera to the left. The Youtuber asked a number of times who was there but got no response.

Eventually the eerie visitor showed his true form and wandered in front of the camera.

At the top of the screen you can see a rather large spider crawl across the lens. The homeowner was shocked to discover that the mysterious visitor was nothing more than a curious, creepy crawly.

1. Peculiar Bike Salesman

If you were sitting at home wishing you had a bike, then this next visitor would be quite welcome.

In March, 2016 a Youtube channel called ‘jo earl lamoc’ uploaded this strange clip. Captured on a Ring doorbell home security system, we see a man with a bike making strange hand gestures at the camera. He seems to be whispering something to himself as well.

Eventually the homeowner answers via the intercom and asks if he can help the man. The visitor replies with: ‘I’m trying to sell a bike for some cash so I can borrow some money’. The almost oxymoronic response from the dubious bike salesman seems to spook the homeowner as he says he’s ‘all good’ and doesn’t respond any further. Before long, the man and his bike roll on down the road.

On a scale of 1 to stolen – how filched is that bike?