Articles, Pictures and Videos of Funny, Cute and Adorable Animals

Underwater Dogs in Swimming Pools

February 18, 2015

These underwater dogs in swimming pools will make you laugh and then cry…with more laughter. There is nothing more awkwardly adorable than submerged pooches chasing their balls! This dog is too excited to be in […]

Cute Baby Animals of Africa

February 8, 2015

Most African animals might be dangerous when they are big but when they are small, they are just too cute. Furry, fuzzy and pint-sized, you just can’t take your eyes off these cute baby animals […]

10 Adorable Teacup Piglets

November 12, 2014

For no other reason than to melt your heart and make you smile, here is the finest selection of Teacup Piglets found on the Internet curated for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!   First piglet up […]

Cute Animals That Can Kill You

July 30, 2014

Think twice before hugging these adorable animals. With hidden barbs, gigantic teeth and frenzy-like rage, these seemingly innocent animals can be very dangerous indeed. They are cute animals that can kill you!   Cute Animals […]

Cute Baby Animals Being Adorable

July 22, 2014

Cute baby animals are always adorable. But sometimes they are so cute you just have to say “Nawwwww.” Well these baby animals will make you “Nawwwww” so many times everyone will think you’re a beaver. […]

Animals that look jacked on drugs

July 7, 2014

Animals on Drugs? These outrageous animals seem to have taken too many ‘worm tablets’ if you know what I mean. Join us as we take a look at some truly hilarious animals that look jacked […]

Cute dogs. I dare you not to smile

June 21, 2014

These cute dogs are enough to warm anyone’s day. So take a break from whatever you are doing to take a peek at these adorable Canines. Even Oscar the Grouch would have to smile at […]

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