Bonus Haunted Places Too Scary For Youtube

Could you last the night in one of these haunted hotels?

Here are the two bonus haunted locations that we promised at the end of our spooky Youtube countdown. If you missed the original list you can find it here.

The following two hotels are said to be among the most haunted places in America and for those daring enough they will allow you to stay the night! Could you last a whole night in one of America’s most haunted hotels?

Historic Anchorage Hotel

One of America's most haunted hotels

The Historic Anchorage Hotel in downtown Anchorage, Alaska is one of the most haunted hotels in America. In fact it has so many ghost sightings that staff have started noting the sightings down in a log book. In 2009 two psychics visited the haunted hotel and told the general manager, Terri Russi, that they have up to 32 spirits dwelling on premises and that magnetic energy was attracting more to the site.

There are countless ghost sightings at the Historic Anchorage Hotel with things moving on their own, lights flickering, strange whispers down dark hallways but there are two standout spirits that continually haunt the hotel.

The first is Police Chief Jack Sturgus who was shot dead from behind just meters from the hotel. No murderer was ever found and the case remains unsolved. It is thought that Sturgus’ spirit returns to the scene of the crime every year trying to track down his killer and bring some peace to his afterlife.

The other standout spirit that haunts the Anchorage Hotel is the abandoned bride who hung herself in one of the hotel’s rooms while still in her wedding dress after she was left at the alter by her husband on their wedding day. Her ghostly figure had been seen wandering the long dark hallways of the hotel.

For those of you bold enough, you can still stay at the Historic Anchorage Hotel for a reasonable price. Join the fun with other ghost hunters and see the night through dodging flying objects and appeasing tormented spirits seeking their ticket to the afterlife.

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The Stanley Hotel

One of America's most haunted places
The Stanley Hotel Archive

The Stanley Hotel is a 140-room palatial retreat in Estes Park, Colorado within view of the Rocky Mountains. Most famous for hosting Stephen King during the 70’s, the hotel became his inspiration for the horror novel The Shining. Built in 1909 The Stanley has had hundreds of ghost sightings and has been host to numerous ghost hunting TV shows such as Syfy’s The Ghost Hunters. It is said that actor Jim Carrey stayed the night in the infamous room 217 while filming Dumb and Dumber but left after only two hours after which he checked into the local Holiday Inn.

Among the most notorious rooms is 401. Said to be haunted by an old housekeeper named Mrs Wilson and brothel owner Lord Dunraven. Dunraven reportedly does unspeakable acts to women who spend the night in the room. One account of room 401 tells of Mrs Wilson making the bed around a guest while he slept having the sheets forced up over his head.

If you’re keen to relive The Shining‘s origins or get felt up by a randy brothel owner then The Stanley Hotel in Colorado is sure to fit the bill. There are countless stories of things moving on their own, creepy children’s laughter filling the halls and sinister dark apparitions lurking in the periphery. This property has scared many people into believing that there is more to this world than we can perceive. Could you last the night?

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