Bizarre mythological creatures that defy description

These mythological creatures will leave you wondering

Forget Frankenstein and Dracula. These lesser known mythological creatures are sure to make you scream and laugh, all at the same time. So prepare yourself for a pant soiling, side splitting look at some seriously weird monsters.





Kasa obake is one of the mythological creatures that defy description.


You can stand under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh as long as it’s not the Kasa-obake, a super strange type of spirit (yokai) from Japan. It is believed in Japanese folklore that once an object ages or breaks, it can become a ghost just like a human can when they die. Basically the Kasa-obake is a giant umbrella with one eye and a long tongue that hops around on one leg. In terms of scary, this thing really misses the mark. Maybe it needs to take scaring lessons from more frightening Japanese ghosts, like that thing from the movie The Ring. That thing was well creepy.



Akaname is one of the mythological creatures that defy description.


In Japanese Akaname translates to ‘The Filth Licker.’ This red skinned Japanese demon is said to hide in dirty bathrooms and come out at night to lick the filth with it’s awful long tongue. So next time you get up in the middle of the night for a wee, ask yourself this question “Have I cleaned the bathroom this week?” If the answer is no, you are likely to find the horrible Akaname perched waiting for a delicious lick of your filthy toilet seat.


The Bonnacon

The Bonnacon is one of the mythological creatures that defy description.

The Abbeville Blog

This mythological beast from Asia is said to have the mane of a horse and the body of a bull. It defends itself by shooting gigantic piles of acidic poo at it’s victims. It is said to be able to launch these toxic turds as far as 600 metres (almost half a mile). So if you are ever out hiking one bright sunny day and see a horse-bull like creature turn and point its butt at you, run for your life or risk melting in piles of mythical Bonnacon crap!


The Flatwoods Monster

The Flatwoods Monster is one of the mythological creatures that defy description.

Before it’s News

On September 12th, 1952 in the town of Flatwoods, Baxton County, West Virginia, U.S. the May brothers and their friend witnessed something very strange. While playing in a field, the three boys claim to have seen a bright orb flying overhead and landing on a nearby neighbors land. The boys headed indoors to tell their mother. The boys and their mother collected several more locals and the makeshift mob headed into the hills to where the ball of light landed. There they allegedly witnessed a darkly clad creature with a large cape that came towards them hissing before returning to the glowing orb. Many witnesses claimed to have smelt a horribly pungent odor that burnt their eyes and noses. Later, many of them became ill, complaining of symptoms similar to mustard gas exposure.



Abarimon is one of the mythological creatures that defy description.


Little is known about the mystical Abarimon. A race of people who come from a valley deep in the foot hills of the Himalayas. The Abarimon are said to have backwards feet but despite this, can run very fast. They are also said to be super aggressive. Legend tells that these dangerous sprint stars cannot leave their homeland because the can only breathe a certain type of air found only in those parts. Pity. These things could surely give Usain Bolt a run for his money.



Shirime is one of the mythological creatures that defy description.

Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai

Those crazy Japanese sure do have some weird mythical monsters. The legend goes that late one night a noble Samurai was walking along the path to Kyoto when a strange voice called out to him. “Wait for me!” it said. The Samurai turned to see a man with a smooth featureless face taking his clothes off and bending over. The mysterious man parted his cheeks to reveal a large glowing eye. What!? Apparently these ghouls are not dangerous, they just enjoy mooning people unexpectedly. Who doesn’t? Am I right?

Shirime popping out of a garbage can showing his butt eye.

Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai

Well there you have it. Some of the craziest mythological creatures out there. They may not have the fear factor of a mummy or a wolf man but imagine the fright you’d receive if you went to take the trash out and copped a face full of butt eye?