The Most Bizarre Miracles Ever Documented

Do these events have plausible explanations?

5. The Mass of St. Gregory the Great

St Gregory the Great is one of the Most Bizarre Miracles Ever Documented
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Pope Gregory I was conducting a Holy Mass in the year 598 when a woman began to laugh during Communion. Disturbed by the laughter, Pope Gregory enquired as to what the matter was. The woman said she could not believe the bread was Christ since she baked it herself. Pope Gregory was disturbed by the woman’s lack of faith and prayed for a sign that god would enlighten her with the truth. Moments later, the sacramental bread turned into a lump of bleeding flesh. It’s said that the doubting woman was so moved by the bizarre event she fell to her knees and wept.

The story of this strange miracle has changed throughout the years. Some say a full-bodied apparition of Jesus Christ appeared before the altar. Even the identity of the doubter changes from story to story. However, there are relics of this miracle. In Anechs, Germany, the Holy Communion bread is housed in a special container in the church. Thousands of devout believers flock to the relic every year.

4. The Miracle at Fatima

The miracle of the sun is one of the Most Bizarre Miracles Ever Documented

On October 13th, 1917, an event occurred that has baffled scientists, skeptics, and historians while simultaneously thrilling and uplifting true believers. On this day, thousands of people would witness what they would consider a miracle. The witnesses weren’t just the faithful. They included reporters, scientists, and skeptics, many who bore witness to the same activity that the faithful saw.

It all began in May 1917, when three shepherd children – Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco – were visited by a vision of the Virgin Mary. Only the oldest child Lucia could actually hear the Virgin speak, and Mary informed Lucia that she would appear at the same time on the 13th of each month for the next six months. The children informed their parents, and soon word had spread to villagers, who passed on the news to others. Fatima shortly became host to pilgrims and the curious on the 13th of each month. Visitors listened raptly as Lucia repeated the messages that the Virgin delivered to her.

It was the Virgin Mary’s final visit that was the most astounding. Lucia claimed that the Virgin had informed her that on her final visit she would produce a miracle for all to witness. At around noon on October 13th, 1917, thousands of people gathered to await the miracle. A gentle rain had fallen all morning and the skies were still heavy with clouds. Lucia received her final prophecy from the Virgin Mary, who then lifted her hands to the sky. Suddenly the clouds parted, and the crowd witnessed what appeared to be the sun spiraling around in the sky while radiating vibrant colors. At first, the crowd was thrilled with the spectacle, but when it seemed as if the sun was plummeting to the Earth, they grew frightened, with many kneeling in the mud to pray for mercy. Eventually the sun returned to its rightful place, leaving the crowd of onlookers stunned. According to news reports, the event lasted approximately ten minutes, but to some, it seemed much longer.
There has been much speculation about what really happened that day. Many believe that it was a legitimate miracle given to the people in order to restore their faith. Others believe that it was a type of mass hysteria or shared hypnosis. Some experts believe that because different people in the crowd had experiences unique to their perception, with some individuals seeing nothing at all, that the explanation is purely psychological. Regardless, the Church officially recognized the Miracle of the Sun as a legitimate miracle on October 13th, 1930.

3. Willard Fuller

Willard Fuller is one of the Most Bizarre Miracles Ever Documented
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Miracles don’t necessarily mean curing the blind or making severe illnesses disappear. It’s said that Willard Fuller could perform dental miracles. Born in Grand Parish, Louisiana, Fuller attended the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. When he graduated in 1946, he went on to form his own ministry called the Lively Stones World Healing Fellowship. It’s alleged that he could turn dental fillings from silver to gold. People even reported that their teeth were straightened or some teeth even grew back.

Some people doubt that any of this actually happened. Skeptics claim that Fuller was a skilled magician and performed a sleight of hand on the believers. One appearance of a gold tooth was thought to be nothing more than a tobacco stain. Fuller was convicted of fraud in Australia for practicing without a dental license. Believers still are certain that Willard Fuller performed miraculous dental cures.

2. St. Martin de Porres

San Martin De Porres is one of the Most Bizarre Miracles Ever Documented

Martin de Porres was born on December 9, 1579, in Lima, Peru. He was the illegitimate son of an African slave and a Spanish nobleman. Martin’s father abandoned the family when he was young and as he grew up he experienced ridicule for being mixed race. Martin was even denied entrance into the priesthood because of his ancestry. Eventually, Juan de Lorenzana allowed Martin to take his vows with the Third Order of Saint Dominic.

During his time with the Order, many miracles were said to have taken place. Some people witnessed him levitate while he prayed. It’s alleged that Martin had the ability to talk to animals and cure the sick. Some say he could heal the infirmed with a simple glass of water. One man was cured of ulcers by drinking the offered cup.

It’s said that Martin had a deep desire to be a missionary, but he never left his home country. People in faraway places claimed to have been visited by Martin. He was spotted in Africa, Mexico, and Japan, comforting those in need. Martin died in 1639 in Lima. He was canonized in 1962 by Pope John XXIII.

1. St. Bernadette

Bernadette Soubirous is one of the Most Bizarre Miracles Ever Documented

The miracle of Bernadette Soubirous is one of the most bizarre. She was born in Lourdes, France on January 7, 1844. Like most families of the time, she was very poor. Her first religious experience came in 1858 when she was 14 years old when she saw a vision of a woman near the local grotto that she believed was the Virgin Mary. The Roman Catholic Church were suspicious of the event and denied that she saw the Virgin Mary.

Over the course of the following year it’s alleged that she had as many as 18 different visions. The last vision gave her information about a river with the power to heal. People from her village soon began to believe her stories. However, the publicity was too much for the young girl. She entered the convent of the Sisters of Charity and Christian Instruction in Nevers, France. Bernadette suffered from many illnesses in her life, but she never went to the holy river for assistance. She eventually succumbed to tuberculosis on April 18, 1879.

Her body was exhumed 31 years later by the Bishop Gathery of Nevers. The doctors and religious officials were stunned. She looked the same as she did when they buried her. Her body wasn’t embalmed, yet there were no signs of decay. She looked as if she had just fallen asleep. She was exhumed for the second time in 1919 and, once again, was in the same condition as the last time her casket was opened. The Church finally decided to put her to rest in 1925. Her body lies in a gold and crystal case in the Chapel of St. Bernadette in Nevers, France.

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