5 Baffling and Unexplained Events from the Past

Do these mysterious events have rational explanations?

2. Curious Oliver

Oliver the Humanzee is one of many Baffling and Unexplained Events from the Past
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So are Humanzees – chimpanzee-human hybrids – an actual reality? According to some, the curious case of Oliver the chimp is proof of the existence of the Humanzee.

Oliver first came to public attention when animal trainers Frank and Janet Burger acquired him in 1960. The Burgers immediately noticed some marked differences between Oliver and other chimps. Oliver was predominantly bipedal, more often walking on two feet rather than walking on feet and knuckles the way that other chimps do. Oliver’s face was also flatter; he had less hair, a smaller cranium and a smaller chin than average chimps. Even more unusual was Oliver’s behavior. He preferred the company of humans to chimps and he was known to enjoy the occasional cocktail. It was even thought that Oliver preferred human females to female chimpanzees as potential mates.

The Burgers had to sell Oliver when he was 16 years old due to his increasing fixation on Janet Burger. His new owner, Michael Miller featured him as the “missing link” in several exhibits before selling Oliver to Ken Decroo, owner of the Wild Animal Training Center. Decroo sold Oliver in 1985 because he didn’t get along well with the other chimps in the exhibit.

Oliver was purchased by the Buckshire Corporation, a leasing facility for lab animals in 1989. He was confined to a lab cage for nine years before making his way to Primarily Primates, an animal sanctuary in 1998. Oliver lived there peacefully until he passed away on June 2nd, 2012.

So what exactly was Oliver? Some individuals firmly believe that Oliver was a human-chimp hybrid. At least two DNA tests were performed, with one claiming that Oliver had the normal 48 chromosomes of a chimp while the other claimed that he only had 47 chromosomes, falling between the chimpanzee 48 and the human 46. Scientists state that Oliver’s physical traits fall within the normal range of common chimpanzee traits, but theorists argue against this point, noting that Oliver had numerous unusual physical traits and not just one or two that might be found in normal chimps. The mystery of Curious Oliver is still debated today.

1. Bridey Murphy

The case of Bridey Murphy is one of many Baffling and Unexplained Events from the Past
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A strange event was uncovered when Virginia Tighe underwent hypnotic regression on a whim during a 1952 dinner party. Amateur hypnotist Morey Bernstein placed Tighe in a trance and soon the Colorado housewife was speaking in a thick Irish brogue.

While in trance, Tighe began to tell Bernstein about her life as an 1800s Irish woman named Bridey Murphy. Tighe went into a lot of detail, stating that she lived with her father and mother Duncan and Kathleen Murphy in Cork in 1806. Tighe went on to say that she married Sean McCarthy when she was 17 years old, relocating with her husband to Belfast. Tighe even revealed how she died in her previous life. She said that as Bridey she took a bad fall that resulted in her passing. She even described her funeral and her tombstone. When asked about life after death Tighe stated that it was a feeling of “neither pain nor happiness.”

A lot of controversy has surrounded the case of Bridey Murphy. Skeptics point out that investigation into the legitimacy of Tighe’s claims only took place after Bernstein had already written his book, The Search for Bridey Murphy. They went on to note that many of the details, including the existence of Bridey Murphy couldn’t be verified, placing doubt on Tighe’s claim of reincarnation. Other details that Tighe mentioned were verified however, including travel details of her journey from Cork to Belfast as well as the existence of St. Theresa’s, the church that Bridey Murphy was supposed to have attended.

The case of Bridey Murphy is still a favorite reference for both skeptics and believers of reincarnation. The truth behind the mystery died with Virginia Tighe when she passed away on July 12th, 1995.

So there’s our list of five baffling and unexplained events from the past. Do these mysterious events have rational explanations? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below or on any of our socials.