5 Baffling and Unexplained Events from the Past

Do these mysterious events have rational explanations?

Here are 5 baffling and unexplained events from the past. While our history is filled with fascinating facts that tell the story of who we are and how we came to be, there are many mysteries from the past that leave us intrigued and mystified. From a detailed stories of a past life to a strange skull that just might be from out of this world, we are left with the question of how these things came to be. Listed below are 5 unexplained events from the past that are sure to leave you wondering.

5. The Starchild Skull

The Starchild case is one of many Baffling and Unexplained Events from the Past

In Chihuahua Mexico sometime around 1930, a very strange discovery was made. A girl who was looking around an old mine found the skull of a child hidden within the tunnels. What was especially unique about this skull was its unusual shape and size.

Overall, the skull was small and seemed to be that of a child. What made it so unusual however was the fact the skull had an abnormally large cranium, the size of which would normally be seen in an average adult. It also had other abnormalities including shallow eye sockets, a lack of frontal sinuses and the back of the skull was flatter than a normal skull.

In February 1999, paranormal researcher Lloyd Pye obtained the skull. It was Pye’s opinion that the abnormally shaped skull was proof of an alien-human hybrid. He launched a research project that he named the “Starchild Project” to prove his theory.

It was determined that the skull was approximately 900 years old and had belonged to a female child who was roughly four to six years old. During examination, the skull was also found to have had a larger than normal inner ear, which could have resulted in this individual having the ability to hear higher sound frequencies than the average human. DNA testing also proved to be anomalous, with large amounts of the DNA not being found in any of the available databases. The skull was also found to have odd fibers in the bone when it was examined with an electron microscope. Pye considered all of this information to be proof that the skull was the result of alien-human hybridization.

Skeptics disagreed. A Yale University neurologist believed that the skull showed the characteristics of a child with hydrocephalus, which is a condition that causes the brain to accumulate fluid and the skull to broaden. The Starchild skull showed no signs of swelling or expansion however, making it more likely that the child was born with an abnormally large cranium.

Much controversy still surrounds this skull. Even today it still has its fair share of believers and skeptics and the Starchild Project is still active today.

4. The Witchcraft Murder

The Charles Walton Witchcraft murder is one of many Baffling and Unexplained Events from the Past
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On February 14th, 1945 a horrific, violent act took the life of 74 year old Warwickshire, England native Charles Walton. Witchcraft and revenge seemed to be at the heart of this terrible crime.

Charles Walton spent most of his days working for several farms in the area. He was generally liked by the locals, but many people thought that he was just a little strange and there were even whispers that he was a practicing witch or occultist. It was said that Walton could call wild birds to his hand, and that he had the ability to tame feral dogs just with his voice alone. Walton had a deep understanding of local folklore and traditions, so much so that it along with his uncanny ability with animals made some of the more superstitious locals a little wary of him. Still, it didn’t seem as if Walton had very many enemies.

On the night of February 14th, Walton’s niece Edie arrived home at their cottage at around 6pm only to discover that her uncle hadn’t arrived yet. This was highly unusual and Edie became concerned that her uncle had been in an accident or possibly fallen ill. She contacted a neighbor and they went to search for him. Walton had last been seen working at a farm on Meon Hill, an area known for mystical legends of ghostly hounds and sightings of the Devil himself.

Walton was quickly found, dead in a ditch. His trouncing hook had been driven into his throat, a pitchfork was used to pin him to the ground and a large cross was carved into his chest, creating a horrific, bloody scene. It was believed by the local community as well as law officers that witchcraft may have been involved in the death of Charles Walton. Many speculated that whoever killed Walton did so in a ritualistic manner to break a curse or prevent bewitchment by Walton.

It’s interesting to note that during the investigation, police found a copy of the 1929 book Folklore, Old Customs and Superstitions in Shakespeare Land in Walton’s cottage. The book refers to a man named Charles Walton dying of fright after encountering a ghost in 1885. Some people speculated that the Charles Walton mentioned in the book was the same Charles Walton who was murdered in 1945. The police were never able to identify a suspect in the murder and the mysterious death of Charles Walton remains unsolved.

3. The Devil’s Book

The Grand Grimoire or Devil's Book is is one of many Baffling and Unexplained Events from the Past
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Also known as the “Grand Grimoire”, “The Gospel of Satan” and “The Red Dragon”, The Devil’s Book is an ancient tome surrounded in supernatural mystery. No one in recent history has actually ever seen the book, but its existence is considered to be factual due to the fact that the Roman Catholic Church has made official statements of ownership.

The book itself has a dark history. It was discovered in 1750 in Jerusalem within the tomb of Solomon, but it was thought to have been written somewhere around the year 1522 AD based on a date inscribed within its pages. It has been speculated that the book was actually copied from an earlier tome that was written sometime in the 1200s AD. The book that it was thought to have been copied from was “The Sworn Book of Honorius”, which was written by Honorius of Thebes sometime before 1227 AD. It was rumored that Honorius was possessed by Satan with the sole purpose of writing the book, which gives detailed instructions on how to summon lesser demons as well as Satan himself to this realm of existence.

There are a number of stories attached to the Grimoire that claim that it has some sort of supernatural power all of its own. It has been stated that the book is resistant to any sort of harm including incineration, cutting and tearing. It is also considered to be the only book that gives accurate details on how to conjure Satan into a physical form.

There are a number of books available today that claim to be copies of the Devil’s Book, but ultimately no one will ever be able to verify any of the details about the original. The Grand Grimoire is keeping its secrets – locked in the vaults of the Vatican’s Secret Archives.


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