Australian animals that will kill you

Don't be fooled these Australian animals will kill you

From vampires to ghosts these animals embody every child’s worst nightmare. So join us for a countdown of some of the nastiest animals Australia has to offer.

Australian animals that will kill you No. 5 –

Australian Paralysis Tick

The paralysis tick is one of many Australian animals that will kill you.

These vampire blood suckers are commonly found in the eastern coastal regions of Australia and are considered more deadly than some poisonous snakes. Human contact is relatively high and when bitten can cause anaphylactic shock.

Upon landing on a host, the tick finds a suitable feeding site. It prepares the skin by shredding the flesh with two serrated appendages then inserts a syringe-like tube into the wound. From there an enzyme is injected to stop clotting, allowing pools of blood to seep freely, creating a feast for the tick to gorge on.

Now, it’s not the flesh burrowing or blood sucking that causes the paralysis, it’s actually a protein the tick drools into the wound. So, next time you’re out walking in the rainforest remember you’re just one step away from the emergency ward.


Australian animals that will kill you No. 4 –

Giant Centipede

The Giant Centipede is one of many Australian animals that will kill you.

These long, creepy characters will crawl into your nightmares and nest for life. Known to grow as long at 16 cm, they kill their prey with giant claws known as forcipules. Once bitten by the centipede, highly toxic venom known to cause renal failure, is injected into the blood stream. Children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to the bite of a giant centipede. Be sure to check your bed before going to sleep tonight as one is likely to crawl into your butt and lay eggs.


Australian animals that will kill you No. 3 –

Cone Snail

The Cone snail is one of many Australian animals that will kill you.

I know what you’re thinking – a snail? Really? But old mate Conus here can stab prey with his needle like tooth and inject venom so potent it is 1000 times stronger than morphine, causing near instant paralysis. Found mostly in warmer tropical waters they tend to hunt marine worms and small fish. A single sting from one of these molluscs is said to have enough venom to kill 15 adult humans. So I’d rethink squashing the average garden snail in case you incite needle-tooth paralysis type revenge from Conus!


Australian animals that will kill you No. 2 –

Irukandji Jellyfish

The Irukandji Jellyfish is one of many Australian animals that will kill you.

If an Australian animal was ever going to kill you it would be this one. Known by me as the floating ghosts of doom these creatures are so small they are almost invisible, making detection and sting prevention near impossible. Measuring in at less than a centimetre, their sting is so venomous they can cause fatal brain haemorrhages. Most commonly found in the waters off northern Australia, a sting from these invisible killers will cause excruciating lower back pain; intense, whole body muscle cramps; a burning sensation all over your skin; nausea; extreme headaches; vomiting; pulmonary oedema and toxic global heart dilatation, causing your heart to enlarge. On top of all of this it can induce psychological feelings of impending doom.

Next time you take a dip, remember that you could be surrounded by thousands of invisible ghost killers and not even know.


Australian animals that will kill you No. 1 –

Sydney Funnel Web Spider

The Sydney Funnel Web Spider is one of many Australian animals that will kill you.

Arguably the deadliest spider in the world this large fanged ghoul packs enough venom to kill small children within hours. Found in and around the suburban areas of Sydney these robust death peddlers have fangs larger than a brown snake. A bite from a Funnel Web Spider will have you experiencing nausea, severe headaches, vomiting, drooling, difficulty breathing, severe muscle spasms and in rare cases coma. Luckily, anti-venom was invented in 1981, so now you can run unabashed and naked through the web covered forests of Sydney’s outer suburbs without the threat of coma. Yay!