American Animals That Will Kill You

Have You Had An Encounter With Any Of These?

Check out these American animals that will kill you. From the brute force of a Grizzly to the paralysing bite of a rattle snake, this selection of killer animals will have you second guessing that pleasant walk in the country side. Enjoy!



Grizzly Bears

One of many animals that will kill you

These 350 kg mega-bears will tear you apart like meringue. Once found all over North America this ferocious beast now only roams in Alaska and portions of Idaho, Montana, Washington and Wyoming. These forest dwelling juggernauts are equipped with razor sharp claws, powerful jaws and teeth designed to grind flesh. While fatal human encounters with grizzlies are rare they will attack when defending their young. Oh and don’t run from them, as they may rip your spine out in a chase instinct rage.

Arizona Bark Scorpion

One of many animals that will kill you

These miniature death peddlers will leave you convulsing and frothing at the mouth in the deserts of Arizona. Measuring in at around 8 cm in length, the Arizona Bark Scorpion uses the cover of darkness, relying on ambush to hunt its prey. A sting from one of these suckers will cause severe pain, numbness, vomiting, even immobilisation or convulsions can occur if the sting is on a limb. Extreme reactions to the venom will leave you paralysed and frothing at the mouth. Luckily anti-venom is available throughout Arizona making fatalities relatively rare. However, south of the border in Mexico up to 100,000 people are stung every year with 800 recorded deaths during a peak period in the 1980s.

Tiger Rattle Snake

One of many animals that will kill you

Rattle Snakes cause the most injuries out of any other snake in North America. The Tiger Rattle Snake has particularly nasty venom, the most toxic in the northern hemisphere. These marauding maraca players are mostly found in South-western United States and northern Mexico. A bite from one of these guys will cause swelling, severe local pain, internal tissue damage and bleeding, then the anxiety and nausea kicks in followed by perspiration and vomiting leading eventually to heart failure. A special blend of neurotoxins may leave you paralysed too.

The Black Widow Spider

One of many animals that will kill you

With venom 15 times more potent than our previous entry, the rattle snake, these creepy little suckers sure pack a punch. Different subspecies of this spider live all over North America each with their own powerful venom. A bite from one of these spiders can cause muscle aches, spasms, nausea and paralysis of the diaphragm leading to difficulty breathing. When hunting smaller prey, the Black Widow injects digestive enzymes that turn the innards of the corpse into liquefied mush that it then slurps up for dinner.


One of many animals that will kill you

These Cretaceous killing machines are endemic to the wetlands and marshes from Texas to North Carolina. Adult males measure up to 4.6 metres and can weigh 450 kg. Equipped with powerful jaws and sharp teeth, alligators will drag you deep into water and perform a ‘death roll’, thrashing and spinning violently trying to sever limbs or large chunks of flesh. If their prey is too large to consume in one bite they will often let it rot in the sun before having another go. They are even amongst the first reptiles to use tools to hunt. By balancing branches on their heads while partially submerged they are able to lure birds looking for nesting materials. Soon they’ll be placing honey-glazed hams over camouflaged pitfalls, then we are well and truly stuffed.