You Won’t Believe What’s Been Discovered in the Amazon Jungle

What else is yet to be discovered?

5. The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

In the 1930s, the United Fruit Company was exploring in the Amazon Jungle for a place to grow bananas when they came across something surprising: numerous stone balls, ranging in size from a few inches to seven feet in diameter and weighing as much as 16 tons.

The spheres were not only perfectly round but also very smooth, suggesting that they were man made. Scientists that later studied the spheres determined that they were made from granodiorite, which must have come from the nearby Talamanca mountains. Evidence found near the spheres suggests they may have been created as early as 200 BC.

How had the rock been transported? How did primitive people create them with limited tools and technology? What was their purpose? These are only a few of the questions scientists have been unable to answer.

Some suggest that the spheres were created by an ancient race of aliens. Others believe that they are relics left over from the lost city of Atlantis. However, no one really knows the true origins of this archeological mystery.

4. The Stone Head of Guatemala

Weird things discovered in the Amazon jungle
Ancient Origins

There have been many large stone heads found in South America, which may make the Stone Head of Guatemala seem fairly banal compared to the other bizarre discoveries of the Amazon. However, some characteristics of this statue suggest a more mysterious origin.

Archeologists and historians studying the stone head noted that the face had a large nose, fine features, and thin lips more consistent with Caucasian peoples than the pre-Hispanic peoples that would have inhabited the area at the time the head was carved. Historians believe that there would have been no way for the local inhabitants to have any knowledge of Caucasian peoples at that time, leading many to speculate about the true origins of the stone head.

Some suggest that whoever created the Stone Head of Guatemala must have had knowledge not of this world. Some herald the sculpture as proof that extraterrestrials with a wider knowledge of the people of Earth must have visited the area.

3. The Minhocão

Weird things discovered in the Amazon jungle

When thinking about the Amazon Jungle, many people associate it with the poisonous snakes and creepy-crawly insects that live there. However, the Minhocão is one snake that is truly the stuff of legend.

Explorers visiting the Amazon as early as the 18th Century have documented the Minhocão. They describe it as a snake- or worm-like creature measuring 20 to 50 meters in length. Some even reported witnessing the creatures dragging horses and cattle into lakes and rivers.

These explorers discussed their sightings with locals, who told them the legend of the Minhocão, or “earthworm.” According to legend, animals are captured by the large creatures, often after rainstorms. Local people also claim that underground water sources were created by the tunnels of the Minhocão being flooded with water.

So far, the Minhocão seem to have eluded photographers, so the mythical creature remains a mystery.

2. The Amazon Rainforest Alien

Tourists are often attracted to the Amazon Jungle for its beautiful plant life and plethora of animals that can’t be seen anywhere else. However, two British tourists visiting the Manaus region in 2011 got more than they bargained for.

The tourists took a video of a group of children as they stood several yards away from the edge of the jungle. When reviewing the footage, they noticed an odd light coming from a gap in the trees. When examining the light, they noticed something even more startling to the left of the light: an alien figure standing in the trees. The alien appears to be stretching its back as it stands among the foliage.

Paranormal researchers were quick to defend the footage as legitimate, even noting that a research project established by the Brazilian government, Operation Prato, had sent military researchers to this same area to investigate possible evidence of alien visitors.

Is this footage a well-executed hoax or true evidence of alien life? We may never know for sure, but the video is certainly compelling.

1. The Maricoxi

Weird things discovered in the Amazon jungle
The Unexplained Mysteries

You’ve probably heard of Bigfoot and Yetis, but the Amazon jungle actually has its own version of these hairy cryptids.

It is known as the Maricoxi. In 1914, British explorer Perry Fawcett encountered a group of the creatures when exploring the jungle. He described the creatures as ape-like. He claimed that they lived together in a village, used bows and arrows, and even communicated with each other using grunts. The nearby Maxubi tribe confirmed his sighting, adding that the creatures could be anywhere from 2 to 12 feet tall and were extremely aggressive toward humans.

These reports of the Maricoxi are terrifying, especially when compared to the stories often told of reclusive Bigfoots and Yetis that seem more inclined to hide than to attack. According to legend, the only way to scare away the Maricoxi is with a close-range gunshot.

In a jungle filled with unusual creatures, the Maricoxi is easily the most frightening.

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