8 UFO Sightings with REAL Footage

Are these visitors from outer space?

4. Chilean Navy Spot UFO

This astonishing footage baffled government officials for more than two years and was officially released to the public in early 2017.

This clip was filmed on November 11, 2014 by a Chilean Navy helicopter pilot. An accompanying technician also witnessed the event and was at the time testing an infrared camera.

In the footage we see a disc-shaped object trailing across the sky. It flies at a similar altitude and trajectory of the helicopter. At two separate times, the UFO discharges a trail of hot liquid.

The object could be seen by the naked eye and by infrared camera, however the helicopter’s radar detected no nearby craft. After the technician reported the sighting, air traffic control confirmed that there was no aircraft planned to fly in that airspace at that time nor could they detect anything flying at that time.

The pilot made several attempts to contact the craft using the multi-national civilian bandwidth which is designed for these occasions – there was no answer.

An official investigation was launched by the CEFAA, a specialised Chilean government agency which examines UFOs or UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena). After an exhaustive inquiry, the agency couldn’t come to any definite conclusions.

This footage is considered to be some of the most significant UFO footage ever captured. The two highly reliable navy witnesses, the quality footage filmed on military grade equipment, the fact that it goes for nine minutes all amounts to some of the most compelling evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials.

3. Declassified UFO Sighting

This is another military sighting of a UFO that’s recently been declassified and released to the public.

It was captured by a US navy F/A-18 Super Hornet which was patrolling off the coast of San Diego. The tracking system is a state of the art Raytheon-made Advanced Targeting Forward Look Infrared sensor which is capable of tracking most known forms of flying technology.

The footage was taken in 2004 and forms part of what is known as the ‘Nimitz incident‘, a series of reports made by the US Navy claiming they encountered a UFO 100 miles off the coast of San Diego.

Six US Navy pilots corroborated a sighting of the UFO. The first three pilots were rerouted from a routine combat exercise to investigate the strange sighting. Upon arrival nothing particularly unusual was spotted both visually and on radar. That was until they noticed something strange in the water. One pilot described it as a turbulent oval shape, surrounded by frothy, white foam about the size of a Boeing 737. It looked as though the water was breaking over something sitting just below the surface.

Seconds later, the pilots noticed a flying object hovering around 50 feet above the disturbance in the water. Two of the pilots, Commander David Fravor and Lieutenant commander Jim Slaight, described the object as ‘Tic Tac’ shaped, 30 to 46 feet in length with no windows, no wings and no visible engine or exhaust plumes.

The mysterious object proceeded to evade the Super Hornet’s attacking formations. According to the pilots it moved at tremendous speeds, dodging and strafing, flying ‘impossible maneuvers’.

This declassified video footage substantiates the pilot’s testimonies.

Numerous agencies have studied this footage and have so far offered three possible explanations. The first is that it’s possible that the electro-optical sensors and radar, both on the Super Hornets and the nearby aircraft carrier USS Prinston, could have malfunctioned. The second explanation is that it could have been classified government technology that is simply not known to the rest of the military. The third, and most compelling option, is that the object was of an extraterrestrial nature – an alien craft built beyond human jurisdiction.

2. UFO Spotted Out of Plane, Kerry Cameraworks

Here’s some fascinating UFO footage taken in March, 2018.

Kerry Forides filmed this remarkable clip while flying off the coast of Izmir, Turkey headed for Athens. At around 4:30 pm, Kerry spotted a strange object moving above the clouds.

It’s hard to make out the object itself but it has a peculiar black emission trailing behind it. At the beginning of the clip the unidentified flying object begins to move bizarrely through the air. It seems to sweep from perpendicular to being level with the plane. The movement is unlike any known aircraft on Earth.

The UFO then flies through air at high speed, leaving behind it more of the strange black emission.

When the clip was shared to social media, it quickly spread, raising suspicions of an alien invasion. Believers were quick to hail the footage as a genuine glimpse of an alien spacecraft. Some viewers, more jokingly thought the object was Lord Voldemort looking for Harry. More level headed commentators thought that perhaps it’s just another plane taking off and that both planes are turning in the air giving the effect of a strange trajectory shift.

Either way, it still makes for some amazing UFO footage, one that can’t be definitively proven as real or fake.

1. Turkey UFO Incident, 2008

Many UFO enthusiasts consider this footage to be some of the most convincing evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials.

Captured on June 12th, 2008, a metallic disc-shaped object was seen hovering in the night sky over Kumburgaz, Turkey about 58 km west of Istanbul. Night worker Murat Yalcin Yalman was able to film the object which he spotted hovering over the ocean.

The footage shows a bright, bowl-shaped object sitting in the black of the night sky. The surface of the craft appears to react to the light of the moon, reflecting the light on one side. At one point during the clip you can almost make out the outline of one or two beings sitting in the craft. They look to have round bulbous heads and large black eyes.

This is just one of many pieces of footage that claim to have captured a very similar looking craft flying in the exact same place. From 2007 to 2009 local residents were reporting a strange disc-like object floating in the sky. The sightings were sometimes accompanied by balls of orange and red light.

The final piece of 2009 footage was witnessed by up to nine people including Roger Leir, a famed podiatric surgeon and ufologist, who had just attended a UFO conference in nearby Istanbul. Leir personally witnessed Yalman take the footage with his camera. He was interviewed numerous times about the incident before his death in 2014.