8 Insects That Can Kill You

These creepy crawlies will make you squirm!

From a fly that can change your sleeping patterns to ants that could eat your lungs out, join us as we take a cautious peep at some insects that can kill you.

8. Africanised Honey Bees

These are some insects that can kill you

Also known as killer bees, these flying death peddlers are a hybrid of European and African honey bees. Studies have shown that Africanised Honey Bees react to disturbances up to ten times faster than other species. They are tenacious enough to chase humans and other animals up to half a kilometre away, stinging them relentlessly. These insectoid grim reapers can take down horses, dogs and have killed up 1000 humans. Once stung, victims can experience rapid swelling around the eyes, lips and throat. Cramping often sets in as the victim has trouble breathing after which they may suffer from shock or seizure.

7. Giant Asian Hornet

Here are some insects that can kill you

Also affectionately known as the yak-killer, these massive insects are extremely dangerous. Native to temperate and tropical East Asia these are the world’s largest hornets.

If provoked, these enormous insects can inject potent venom that can cause anaphylactic shock, cardiac arrest and multiple organ failure. One researcher said the sting was like a hot nail being driven into his leg. If the stung victim is allergic to the venom it can mean almost certain death. In Japan the death toll from the Asian Giant Hornet is around 30 to 40 people per year while in the Shaanxi Province in China more than 1500 people are injured each year by these flying death dispensers.

6. Fire Ants

These are some insects that can kill you.

These are some of the most aggressive ant species in north America. If a fire ant nest is touched or damaged hundreds of ants will attack any nearby humans or animals, stinging their victims hundreds of times.

For the average person a sting from a fire ant will be painful and cause swelling which may turn into a pustule. However, if the victim is allergic they can have severe reactions such as itching, swelling, dizziness and vomiting. Some may find their airways swell so badly that they’ll suffocate.

Though statistics vary, some report between 40 to 80 fire ant deaths per year. Conservatively about 5 percent of cases can result in death.

5. Mosquitoes

These are some insects that can kill you.

While mosquitoes themselves aren’t deadly they are vectors for many life threatening diseases, causing widespread health issues and economical burdens.

Infected mosquitoes can carry viruses and parasites that cause malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and chikungunya just to name a few.

Malaria alone can cause phenomenal destruction. It is estimated that 3.2 billion people world-wide are at risk of malaria. In 2014 there were 198 million cases of malaria reported with 584,000 malaria deaths. 90% of all malaria deaths occur in Africa attributing to an estimated $12 billion dollars in lost productivity. And this is all thanks to the mosquito – harbingers of death.


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