5 Paranormal Events That Have Left Historians Baffled

Do these events have plausible explanations?

2. The Battle of Los Angeles

This is one of many strange paranormal events that have left historians baffled.
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Starting late February 24th and continuing into early February 25th, 1942, Los Angeles found itself in the middle of an unidentified and unprovoked air attack that resulted in the death of five civilians and massive panic amongst Los Angeles citizens.

On February 24th, flares and lights were seen in the district of local defense plants, causing an alert to be issued at 7:18pm. The alert was rescinded at 10:23pm, but the strange activity returned early on the 25th. A blackout was ordered for all of Los Angeles, and at 3:16am the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade started firing anti-aircraft shells and machine guns at an unidentified aircraft that was thought to be hovering over the area. This continued until 4:14am when it was determined that is was safe to call an “all-clear”. The blackout was lifted at 7:21am on the morning of the 25th.

This incident received a tremendous amount of press coverage, including photos that show searchlights combing the sky and artillery fire being directed at an unidentified object in the sky. Military officials stated that it was a false alarm. They concluded that citizens were jumpy after the Pearl Harbor attacks a few months earlier, causing them to overreact to the sighting of a plane or weather balloon. This still didn’t explain what exactly the military was firing on. The Battle over Los Angeles remains an unsolved mystery even today.

1. Skinwalker Ranch

The Skinwalker Ranch is one of many strange paranormal events that have left historians baffled.

Stories of Skinwalker Ranch have intrigued paranormal investigators, ufologists, and curiosity seekers since the 1990s. If the stories are to be believed, this property has demonstrated a wider variety of paranormal activity than nearly any other location including poltergeist activity, cryptid sightings, UFO sightings, the appearance of portals, and cattle mutilations.

The 480-acre ranch is located just southeast of Ballard, Utah and is also referred to as the Sherman Ranch. There is a rich history of Native American legends involving the land, the most prominent being the tale of the Skinwalker, a malevolent witch or shaman who has the ability to take on the appearance of animals and sometimes even other people.

In the 1990s, the Sherman family purchased the ranch with the intention of using it to breed prize-winning cattle. Right from the beginning, the Shermans began having problems on the ranch, starting with the appearance of a monstrous wolf that while initially seeming tame, attacked a calf before being chased away from the frightened animal. The Shermans went after the animal and fired several shots with high powered rifles at the wolf. While it seemed that they had hit the animal, it continued on its way, seemingly uninjured. The Shermans had many strange episodes occur while living on the ranch, including the killing of two beloved ranch dogs that seemed to have been vaporized by strange orbs that were often seen on the property. They reached out to the public via radio and newspapers, but eventually they opted to sell the ranch, no longer willing to deal with all of the strange happenings.

Robert Bigelow purchased the land from the Shermans In the late 1990s. Having a strong interest in the paranormal and ufology, Bigelow decided to use the land for research. He installed an observation facility as well as a variety of high-tech equipment intended to monitor and capture any unusual activity. He also hired scientists to stay on the property in shifts in an attempt to discover what was actually taking place at the ranch. Over 100 incidents were reported, but no definitive conclusion was ever reached. Bigelow sold the ranch to Adamantium Real Estate LLC in 2016.

Well there’s our list of 5 paranormal events that have left historians baffled. Do you think some of these stories have plausible explanations? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or on any of our socials.