5 Most Expensive Hotels In The World Revealed

Sit Back and Dream

Ever wondered just how much the most expensive hotels in the world are? And what exactly do you get for those hefty price tags? Join us as we peer into the world of billionaires and movie stars and pretend for the briefest of moments that our pants are fancy.

Eden Rock, St Barths

One of the most expensive hotels in the world
Eden Rock

This place is so exclusive that their website uses a made up word ‘ultraluxe’ to describe their villas. Set on the private and white sandy beaches of the Caribbean, ‘The Rock Star’ villa is the perfect spot to unwind after a hard day being a billionaire. This outrageously appointed villa comes with four king bed suites, with white gold tiled bathroom, two cabins for your minion staff, The Glen Affric Whiskey Bar that’s always sumptuously stocked with 40 of the world’s best whiskies. You get access to private beaches and swimming pools and it even has its own recording studio and screening room. So next time you take a little cheeky weekender away with Mick Jagger and Pharrel why not lay down a fat track in the lap of luxury.

Price tag: $28,000 US per night.

Grand Royal Residences, Lagonissi Athens

One of the most expensive hotels in the world
Grand Resort

This palatial villa is dripping with fancy and has slept the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Mel Gibson. It boasts three master bedrooms, dining hall, library and billiards room, private movie theatre, indoor pool, sauna and Hammam, squash courts, wine cellar, on-call butler and pianist, a private yachting club with enough space to park two speed boats and two jet skis. Oh and a helipad on the roof for quick getaways.

Price tag: $35,000 US per night.

Cannes Hotel Martinez, France

One of the most expensive hotels in the world
Cannes Martinez

Boasting the best terraced view of the Bay of Cannes, this long-standing French icon comes with a 2 stars Michelin restaurant, a ball-room and private beach. The penthouse is one of the most sort after rooms in Europe with lavish artesian silk furniture and art-deco inspired decor. The suite comes with private on-call butler, luxury car service and the only penthouse terrace in town. It is rumoured that a Saudi sheikh wanted to rent this room for five years straight at an outrageous nightly rate of $37,500 US dollars!

Laucala Island, Fiji

One of the most expensive hotels in the world
Design Boom

This is what paradise looks like. It’s a private island for the rich and famous owned by billionaire Red Bull co-owner Dietrich Mateschitz. To say this place is extravagant would totally miss the mark. It is a self-sustaining hideaway that produces 80 percent of its food and drink with its own greenhouses, orchid nursery, abattoir, bee hives, coconut plantations – all producing world class products for it guests

When it’s play time there is almost no end to the activities one can partake in. From a 72-par golf course to a myriad of boats, yachts, jet skis, private lagoons and infinity pools. There’s an on-call Pilates instructor and a horse riding school with world class show jumping facilities.

25 never to be seen security guards will keep you safe while a staff-to-guest ratio four times that of an average 5 star resort will see that your every indulgent whim is seen to.

Villas start at $5000 US per night but the grand daddy of suites, Dietrich’s personal living quarters, totals in at $40,000 US per night!

Hotel President Wilson, Geneva Switzerland

One of the most expensive hotels in the world
Hotel President Wilson

It can be tough work embezzling funds in untouchable Swiss bank accounts that’s why Geneva offers the world’s largest and most luxurious suite in the world. Situated right on Lake Geneva with stunning views of the Swiss Alps, this bad-boy has twelve opulently appointed rooms and twelve accompanying marble bathrooms. There’s four 103 inch TV’s, a Steinway Grand Piano, competition sized billiards table and a private gym. Security isn’t taken lightly either from bullet proof glass to a private elevator that whisks you to a 24 hour on-call limousine. Only the best will suffice for famous guests like Rihanna, Bill Gates, Wilson and former US President Bill Clinton.

Price tag per night: a wallet melting $69,413 US dollars.