10 BONUS Facts – World War 2

Fascinating WW2 Facts

There are countless stories and fascinating facts about World War 2. Following on from our article on 20 Bizarre Facts About World War 2 here are 10 BONUS facts for our viewers on Youtube.


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World War 2 Facts

10. The average German Officer position had to be refilled 9.2 times during the war.

9. On May 10, 1941, Adolf Hitler’s deputy Rudolph Hess parachuted into Scotland in an attempt to begin peace negotiations between Nazi Germany and the UK. He was taken as a prisoner, where he was deemed mentally unstable. Hess was later tried at the Nuremberg Trials for crimes against peace where he was convicted to serve a life sentence.

8. During World War 2, the US Army had the largest seagoing fleet in the world – even larger than the US Navy.

7. Japan and Russia have never officially ended World War 2 enmity. In 2000, a peace treaty was supposed to be signed but Japan refused because Russia controls four islands that had been taken during wartime that Japan considers their territory.

6. Before Nazi Germany began systematically eliminating the European Jewish population by gas chamber, it had considered sending them to Madagascar.

5. During the war, Japan bombed China with Bubonic plague ridden fleas. It triggered a serious outbreak of the disease. Bacteriologist Huang Ketai said that around 109 people died from the outbreak in Ningbo, in November and December 1940.

4. Muslims gave French Jews sanctuary during World War 2 in Nazi occupied Paris. They gave Jewish people Muslim IDs in order to avoid arrest.

3. In 1941, a private in the US Army earned $21 per month. This more than doubled in 1942, to $50 per month. If you earned the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Distinguished Service Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross, or the Soldier’s Medal you received an addition $2 per month from the date of your act of heroism.

2. Hitler never visited any of the German run concentration camps.

1. Most of the German war criminals entered ‘displaced persons camps’ after the war as refugees and managed to avoid detection, thereby gaining their freedom.

So there’s our bonus facts about World War 2. This will be an ongoing feature that we’re adding as extra content for our Youtube viewers. Let us know on Twitter and Facebook whether you’re enjoying these bonus content featurettes.