30 Outrageous Japanese Inventions

Seriously, Would You Use Any Of These?

In Japanese the term ‘Chindogu’ refers to an invention that on face value seems like it might be useful but in a practical sense is completely pointless. From protecting your bananas to cooking with condoms join us as we take a look at 30 ridiculous Japanese inventions.

This week we have something special. We did a collaboration with Youtube channel Wacky Wednesday. We both featured in each others videos that took a look at bizarre Japanese inventions – so this week there are two videos for you to glue your peepers to. Enjoy!

First up is our video featuring Wacky Wednesday:


Next up is Wacky Wednesday’s video featuring us, The Slapped Ham kids:

A huge shout-out to Wacky Wednesday for helping us out this week, it was an absolute blast working with them. If can’t get enough of the countdown content then head over to their Youtube channel and if you like their stuff why not subscribe?