3 Bonus Creepypastas Too Depraved For Youtube

Too Good To Miss Out On

Following on from our 5 Best Creepypastas, here are 3 BONUS stories that were too gory, violent and depraved to show on Youtube but were just too good to miss out on. Enjoy!

(Please note: the following stories contain graphic content and horror themes)

The Grifter

A great example of a creepypasta

On August 10th 2009 4chan user the_solipist posted a thread describing a video called The Grifter. A single image of a crying infant began circulating the Internet as stories of The Grifter caught on. The video was said to depict children being tortured, horrible scenes of violence, beatings,  wicked screaming, decaying corpses. It was so traumatic that the video would induce nausea, severe anxiety which would lead to a deep depression and ultimately all viewers of the The Grifter would kill themselves.

The still image of the infant child is all that remains of The Grifter.


The Russian Sleep Experiment

A great example of a creepypasta

In the late 1940’s, Russian researchers kept five political prisoners awake for 15 days using an experimental gas. They were kept in a large chamber with beds, books, running water and enough canned food to last thirty days. Microphones were placed in the room and a five-inch thick glass porthole was used by the researchers to monitor the subjects.

Everything went well for the first five days. But soon the subjects began discussing traumatic experiences in their past, they became increasingly paranoid and soon started whispering into the microphones, bargaining their freedom with the researchers.

After nine days one captive started screaming non-stop, running the length of the chamber for 3 hours. He screamed so much that he tore his vocal cords and could only produce faint squeaks. The other captives didn’t react to the screaming, they kept on whispering into the microphones until one of them began tearing pages from a book, smearing them in faeces then plastering them over the window. All sounds from the room immediately stopped. The researchers had no way of knowing what was happening inside the room.

Several days passed when the researchers finally decided to open the chamber. Inside they found one prisoner dead, badly mutilated. Large chunks of flesh had been removed from his legs and used to block the drain at the centre of the room. Four inches of water and blood covered the floor. The other prisoners also had large pieces of flesh scratched out along with their vital organs splayed on the ground beside their bodies. The surviving prisoners all begged for the gas to be turned back on claiming that they no longer wanted to be freed.


Normal Porn For Normal People

A great example of a creepypasta

This bizarre tale begins with a guy on a forum talking about a strange website he visited. He claims he received an internet chain letter that was passed around several years ago. It was a short email that read:

‘Hi there

found this site is very nice thought u might like


pass it on, for the good of mankind.’

After some deliberation he decided to visit the website. At first glance the website was shabbily made with a wall of text ranting about something. The most alarming of which said: ‘Normal Porn for Normal People, A Website Dedicated To The Eradication of Abnormal Sexuality’. The guy was about to leave when he realised that some of the text were links leading to downloadable movies.

The first movie he downloaded was titled ‘Peanut.avi’. It showed a man and women standing in a plain kitchen feeding a dog peanut butter sandwiches. It went on for 30 minutes and that’s all it was.

He goes on to give a brief description of some of the more disturbing videos:

‘Lickedclean.avi’ – A ten minute video of a repairman fixing a washing machine. When the repairman leaves, the man filming checks to see if he’s left then starts licking the top of the washing machine.

‘Jimbo.avi’ – A crackly video of an obese mime performing for five minutes. In the last thirty seconds the video shows static then cuts back to the mime sitting in a chair sobbing, his make up running down his cheeks.

‘Dianna.avi’ – a four minute video of a woman playing the violin in a very plain looking room. She keeps getting distracted by something and there in the corner you can see in the reflection of a mirror an obese man wearing a chicken mask, masturbating.

‘Tonguetied.avi’ – a ten minute video of an elderly woman passionately kissing a mannequin. The video cuts abruptly with no sound, showing a circle of mannequins huddled around the camera with no sign of the elderly women.

‘Stumps.avi’ – a five minute long video of a man with no legs attempting to break dance in what seems to be the same kitchen from Peanut.avi but much dirtier. The man stops in exhaustion, pleading with a man off camera to let him rest. There is some screaming then the footage cuts to black.

‘Privacy.avi’ – the woman from Dianna.avi is masturbating on a dirty old mattress while the amputee from stumps.avi is walking around on his hands, wearing a disfigured goblin mask. At the end of the video you can see an animal quickly run down the hallway then it cuts.

‘Useless.avi’ – an eighteen minute culmination video. It shows a blonde woman tied down on a bed with tape over her mouth, she’s struggling to break free. At seven minutes a man dressed in black wearing a mask opens the door and lets in the animal that was seen in ‘Privacy.avi’. It’s an abused chimpanzee that’s had its hair all shaved off and red paint splashed on it. It has open wounds running the length of its back. The door is closed. The chimpanzee, presumably malnourished, sniffs the air and notices the woman tied to the bed. He becomes frenzied and begins to maul the women. This goes on for a sickening seven minutes until she finally dies and the video cuts abruptly to black.

All the footage was taken down by the authorities during an investigation into the incidents, save for a few that were leaked and shared over torrent sites.