Star Wars Who Farted
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Star Wars – Who Farted?

Star Wars, who farted? The name of the game is to guess which character has dropped one. Anyone could be the culprit. You’ll be amazed at how guilty people look once you suspect they’ve lined […]

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DID YOU KNOW? – 20 Amazing Facts #1

Here’s a curated selection of amazing facts to make you look good at dinner parties. [embedyt][/embedyt]   20. A peppier is a waiter whose only job is to go around with a pepper grinder […]

World War 2 Facts
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10 BONUS Facts – World War 2

There are countless stories and fascinating facts about World War 2.  Following on from our article on 20 Bizarre Facts About World War 2 here are 10 BONUS facts for our viewers on Youtube.   [embedyt][/embedyt] […]