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Animals that have been Arrested

Black magic goat, international spy pigeon, immigrant primate – what do all these animals have in common? Well they’ve all been arrested. That’s right animals that have been arrested. So why don’t you shuffle to […]

Animals on drugs? We are not sure. They sure are behaving strangely though. Join us as we take a look at crazy animals that look jacked on drugs.
Funny and Adorable Animals

Animals that look jacked on drugs

Animals on Drugs? These outrageous animals seem to have taken too many ‘worm tablets’ if you know what I mean. Join us as we take a look at some truly hilarious animals that look jacked […]

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Silly Sandwiches of the World

Silly Sandwiches of the World When the Earl of Sandwich spontaneously invented this lunch time hit during the mid-eighteenth century he’d have scarcely known what a phenomenon it would become. From the world’s meatiest to […]