15 Weird Canned Foods That Shouldn’t Exist

Would you eat any of these?

7. Silkworm Pupae

Weird Canned food

This is a can of silkworm pupae, captured in that appetising state between larvae and adulthood. Eaten throughout South Korea, it’s often referred to as Beondegi. They are usually boiled or steamed, lightly seasoned with salt and served at street vendors, restaurants and bars.

SoGoodBlog described the canned variety as smelling like off vegetables and tasting of feet with a gooey texture that pops in your mouth.

If, for some reason, you want to try silkworm pupae – you can get them on Amazon here.

6. Snake Soup in a Can

Weird canned food

Mmmmm, snake soup in a can! Ingredients: three kinds of snake meat, mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots, salt, oil etc… What? You didn’t want to know what’s really in it, did you?

5. Canned Cuitlacoche

Weird canned foods

Cuitlacoche is a black fungus considered a delicacy throughout Mexico. It’s usually eaten as a filling in quesadillas and other tortilla dishes. In northern America Cuitlacoche is affectionately known as ‘corn smut’. It’s a pathogenic plant disease that can decimate crops of corn, causing black, tumor-like growths in the kernels on the cob.

4. Roasted Crickets with Eggs

Weird Canned foods

On a scale of one to weird canned foods, this is definitely up there.

Canned roasted crickets are probably bad enough but with eggs? And what eggs, chicken? Or like the actual pre-larval eggs of crickets? Hmmmm, maybe I’ll pass. Give me a can of fish balls any day.

3. Canned Fish Assholes

Weird canned food

Mmmm, nothing like various sized, Manhatten style fish assholes – natural and preservative free!

Myth busting website Snopes did an article on this product back in 2012 and found it to be a hoax. They’re sold as a novelty gift and usually just contain circles of pasta in a tomato sauce. Or sometimes they’re sold as just the label which can be put on any canned product. So thankfully canned fish assholes are not a thing.

2. Canned Bread

Weird Canned Food

Apart from taking this camping I can’t possibly fathom why you’d ever buy canned bread. Might I remind you of the pure delight that is freshly baked bread?

The idea is so ridiculous Spongebob took the piss out of it in the episode titled ‘Squidville’:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgzACnYsV8U[/embedyt]


If you want to try bread in a can, Amazon have it here.

1. Cheeseburger in a Can

Weird Canned food

Cheeseburger in a can. Yep, this list just hit it’s low point. Billed as a trekking supply for hikers, this canned abomination probably would hit the spot if you were lost in the woods with nothing else to eat but an old boot.

Selling for as much as 9 euros, this is one pricey burger.

The burger can be cooked in the can in boiling water. Alternatively you can cook it once it’s out of the can in a pan or microwave. Or just wolf it cold?

According to Gizmodo’s review, the burger doesn’t smell that bad. The texture is soggy but looks half edible. The flavour is mostly sweet ketchup on a bland meat patty. Curiously, they noted that it’s not that far off a McDonald’s cheeseburger. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not.

So there’s our list of 15 weird canned foods. Did this listicle make you want to eat any of these weird canned foods? If so, let us know on Twitter and Facebook.