15 Strangest Things Ever Seen On Google Maps

What Is Up With Google Maps?

7. Clowning Around

A clown in the sewer seen on Google Maps.


This seems like a perfectly normal image on Google Street View until you look closely at the sewer grate. It looks like a clown is peering out! If this photo is a prank, the timing you would need to pull it off would be almost impossible. Firstly, you need to know how to get into the sewer then wait for the exact moment that the Google Street View car comes by! The more likely explanation it that this is the actual clown from Stephen King’s, It!

6. Astral Plane

A multicoloured plane flying seen on Google Earth.

Car Canyon

This unusual image seen on Google Earth shows what appears to be a psychedelic, multi-coloured plane streaking through the air. Judging by the street name on the right hand side of the picture, the location appears to be Lakeshore Drive along the edge of Lake Michigan in Chicago, USA. The strange colours are either a glitch in the photo or this is the actual plane that The Stones used to tour in during the 60’s.

5. Evander Holy-Field

An image of Jesus in a field seen on Google Earth.

Daily Mail

This image on Google Earth appears to show the face of Jesus Christ in the fields of Hungary. The likeness could just be a simple coincidence and it seems unlikely that someone could carve out such an intricate design in the landscape. What do you think? The son of God or overworked horse paddock?

4. Jammed Donut

A lady stuck between two cars seen on Google maps.


No, your eyes are not deceiving you, that IS an upside down lady wedged between two cars! Both cars appear to be stationary so what exactly is she doing? Perhaps she dropped a slice of cake and will do just about anything to retrieve her snack?

3. Perfect Car Park

A car parked on the side of a building seen on Google Earth.

Daily Mail

This image captured on Google Earth looks like a scene straight out of Inception. Why is there a car parked on the side of that building? The photo is likely the result of a glitch in the program that pieces the images together. Either that or the car belongs to Spiderman.

2. 8th Wonder of The World

A girl with backwards legs at Chichen Itza seen on Google Maps.


This image seen on Google Maps was taken at the Mayan ruins at Chichén Itzá, Mexico. What is going on? The girl appears to have strange backwards legs! How does this even happen? The ground around her matches seamlessly and so does her upper body and shoes. Has the Google cameras captured proof of some sort of undiscovered humanoid-goat creature?

1. Playing Chicken

A giant chicken seen on Google Street View.


From Chichén Itzá to Itza Chicken. Perhaps the strangest thing ever seen on Google Street View – a gigantic chicken! Was this thing set up specifically to be immortalized by Google’s cameras as part of some sort of prank? If so, kudos to its creator, this chicken looks so lifelike I have a sudden hankering for some of the Colonel’s original recipe.

That was the 15 strangest things ever seen on Google Maps. Have you spotted something odd? Let us know. We’d love to here about it!