15 HUGE Mistakes in your Favourite Movies

From cameramen standing around in the final cut of Harry Potter to head banging Stormtroopers, join us as we take a look at 15 HUGE mistakes in your favourite movies.

15. Malcolm X

Huge mistakes in your favourite movies

During a scene where Malcolm X, played by Denzel Washington, has his home come under fire, he calls out for someone to call 911. Malcolm X was assassinated in February 1965. The emergency telephone number 911 wasn’t created till February 1968.

14. Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope

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In Star Wars: Episode V A New Hope there’s a scene where several stormtroopers are entering a control room. As they enter, one hits hit noggin’ on the low doorway. While this isn’t really a mistake as such, it’s a pretty big gaffe to be left in the final cut of the film. In the 2004 DVD re-release, George Lucas had a novelty sound effect put in to highlight the incident. He even deliberately paid homage to the now famous head bump by having Jango Fett hit his head in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones

13. The Dark Knight

Huge mistakes in your favourite movies

The Gotham Times must have been having an off day when they let this edition hit the streets. The headline has a blatant spelling error!

12. Jurassic Park

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During the T-Rex breakout scene in Jurassic Park, a goat leg mysteriously vanishes. After the kids watch the cups of water shaking, a goat leg is flung from the T-Rex enclosure and lands on the sun roof of the tour car. Then, just moments later, we see a shot looking up at the sun roof and the leg is missing, with no sign of blood what so ever.

11. Braveheart

Huge mistakes in your favourite movies

Through out the 1995 epic war film, Braveheart, lead character William Wallace wears the iconic Scottish kilt. The problem is Braveheart is set in the 13th century; kilts can only be traced back as far as the late 16th century – putting old mate Wallace some 300 years ahead of the fashion trend.

10. Titanic – Protagonist Jack Dawson tells a story about going ice fishing on Lake Wissota when he was young. The lake, which is located in Wisconsin, is man-made. It formed when a hydro-electric dam was built on the Chippewa River in 1917 – five years after the Titanic sank.

9. Pretty Woman  

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During the breakfast scene of Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts is sitting there munching away on a croissant. After a quick shot of Richard Gere it cuts back to Julia Roberts eating a pancake. This is either a continuity error or her character is ravenously eating different bits of food, off shot, every three seconds.

8. Dallas Buyers Club

Huge mistakes in your favourite movies

Dallas Buyers Club is set in 1985, yet behind Ron Woodroof, played by Matthew Mcconaughey, is a poster of a Lamborghini Aventador. This particular car didn’t launch until February 28, 2011. It’s bemusing why a set director would do that.


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