11 Haunted Asylums That Will Give You Chills

From mysterious murders to a shadow demon that watches you sleep, join us as we take a cautious peep at these 11 haunted asylums that are sure to give you chills.


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11. Nocton Hall, England

These haunted asylums will give you chills

This forbidding building was a private home before becoming a hospital during World War II. It is known to have a haunted bedroom where the specter of a murdered servant girl begins to cry at exactly 4:30 am. Several caretakers who have stayed in the room say they’ve seen the girl standing at the foot of the bed. She rants almost incoherently about a man who did something to her. Some say she was raped and murdered by the former owner’s son, now her spirit is trapped eternally looking for an escape.

10. The Sai Ying Pun Mental Hospital


Located in Hong Kong, this former asylum was used by Japanese soldiers to execute enemies in World War II. There are reports of decapitated victims roaming the halls, the sound of crying, and even visions of a man catching on fire. Because of this, the Sai Ying Pun hospital has been nicknamed the High Street Ghost House.

9. The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

These haunted asylums will give you chills
Lily’s Room (America’s Most Haunted)

Located in Weston, West Virginia, this asylum housed a range of occupants from murderers and rapists to petty offenders of substance abuse and even sufferers of depression. This odd mix of patients led to a harrowing environment of violence and abuse, leaving behind tortured souls that cry out in the night.

The traumatic pain of ice-pick lobotomies, rape and torture has imprinted upon this property giving all those who visit a cold and forbidding feeling. Visitors have reported objects moving on their own, lights flickering, shadows in the distance disappearing. In Ward R is the room of a young girl named Lily that died in the asylum. They say on some cold nights you can see her waiting patiently for someone to play with her before disappearing.

Are the former patients doomed to wander the echoed halls of this troubled asylum or is it a case of visitors projecting their fears?

8. Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, Korea

These haunted asylums will give you chills

Considered one of the most haunted places in South Korea, the Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital is about as creepy as it gets. After its doors inexplicably closed to the public in the mid-90s, rumours spread that patients and even staff had been mysteriously dying. Many speculated that one of the doctors at the hospital had been performing experimental procedures on unwilling patients. A formal statement was never been released as to why the hospital went into foreclosure.

Now the property sits overgrown and abandoned. Each room paint flecked and stained, broken glass everywhere. One urban explorer noted in their blog that sticky notes were left at an unmanned desk, one stating that the hospital should be evacuated immediately.

Locals warn all tourists to stay away from the property. They say eerie groans can be heard at night, lone figures spotted in windows. There’s even one report of a visitor running out of the building covered in scratches and blood, saying that something clawed at him.

Whatever’s happening Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, I’d suggest you think twice before visiting.

7. The Royal Hope Hospital

These haunted asylums will give you chills

This forbidding hospital in Saint Augustine, Florida, was built on an Indian burial ground. Anyone who is familiar with horror movies knows it’s a good idea to stay away from ancient Indian burial grounds. It is believed that the ghosts of dead patients haunt the hospital halls, and objects have been known to move by themselves inside the building. Some visitors have said that the hospital beds inexplicably shift and slide about the room. The Royal Hope hospital is considered to be the most haunted location in Florida.

6. Tranquille Sanatorium

These haunted asylums will give you the chills

This isolated and abandoned sanatorium in British Columbia, Canada, is said to be haunted by a murdered nurse. Sightings of orbs have been reported by visitors, and there have been claims of spectral voices, as well as a depressing change in the visitors’ moods. The tunnel network below the building is where a lot of sightings take place. One urban explorer reported being chased down a dark tunnel by a mist-like figure.

As far as we can tell, the site has been marked for demolition for years. Apartments and parkland are proposed to be built on the property but if I were you I’d think twice before buying a house in this neighbourhood.


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