11 Ghost Vehicles Seen Driving Themselves

Are Ghosts Actually Driving These Vehicles?

5. Car Starts Itself

This security cam footage was captured shortly after 3 am in the morning on the 22nd October, 2016. All seems normal until the white car in the bottom left hand corner starts itself and begins to drive forwards!

It slowly makes its way across the parking lot until it bumps into something just out of shot to the right of screen.

As the car passes the security camera, you can clearly see that there is no driver.

How did this car start manage to itself in the middle of the night? Is it possible that the car itself is haunted by some sort of entity attempting to make contact with the living world?

4. Driverless Truck Attempts U-Turn

This footage, captured on car dashcam shows a truck driving further down the road. As the car approaches, the truck looks as though its backing into a clearing, possibly to make a u-turn. Suddenly, the truck rolls forwards and it becomes apparent that there is no one driving it! It bumps into a parked car and sets off the alarm.

There is little information available about this baffling footage. How did the truck even get to where it was without a driver?

Later in the clip, a man enters the truck after it has come to a standstill and moves it out of the way. Is it possible that the driver left the truck momentarily to make a delivery and forgot to put the handbrake on? Even if this was the case, how did the truck manage to drive down the street for so long without hitting any of the cars?

If anyone has any information on this video, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

3. Mysterious Motorbike Drives Around Racetrack

In 2015, this bizarre footage surfaced showing yet another ‘ghost bike.’ This clip, filmed at a racetrack, shows a riderless motorbike maneuvering its way around the course. The bike begins to head towards a team of officials who try and catch the runaway machine but at the last moment it swerves away as if its being controlled by something.

The motorbike turns, appearing to follow the track as its riderless journey continues. Once more, officials attempt to stop it but as before, the bike suddenly swerves out of their reach.

Just as the bike looks as though it has run its course and is about to crash into the guardrails it manages to make another sharp turn and begins to travel back in the opposite direction.

The motorbike seen in this video sure makes some incredible moves for a mindless machine. It certainly appears as though it is being controlled by something supernatural. How does the bike manage to turn so sharply every time that it is about to be stopped?

2. Ghost Car Stops at Gate

Captured on security camera in 2013, this creepy footage shows a driverless car pulling up to a toll gate. The stunned attendant leaves the booth to investigate and as he makes his way around to the front of the car an eerie figure appears from the rear. Scared, the guard trips over as he attempts to run away.

Whatever the mysterious figure is, the security guard’s reaction appears to be genuine. Even though the footage is dark and its difficult to see clearly, could it actually be possible that it’s the ghost that was driving the car?

1. Ghost Rides Roof of Car

Uploaded to Mortimor Duncan’s YouTube channel in 2015, this footage is sure to give you chills! As someone is filming the street, a silver car drives past that appears to have a dark ghost-like entity riding on the roof.

If you slow the footage down the car itself has a driver but what is the shadowy figure on the roof? Could it be the ghost of someone who died along this stretch of road? A lost soul perhaps? Or some sort of sinister demon. Whatever it is, it certainly makes for some very creepy footage.

What do you think this camera has captured? Is there actually a ghost surfing the roof of this car or is it just clever special effects? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.