10 Weirdest Things Found Washed Ashore

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Check out the 10 weirdest things found washed ashore.

Walks on the beach are an enjoyable pastime for many of us. As we walk, we expect to run across things like seashells, seaweed, and maybe even a sandcastle. As you’ll soon discover, however, there are a lot of really weird things found on beaches. Keep reading to learn about some of the strangest things that have washed up on the world’s shores.

10. Pounds of Bananas

These are the weirdest things washed ashore

Two residents of the Dutch North Sea Islands discovered thousands of unripe bananas on the beach in 2007. Residents from all over the island flocked to the beach to get their hands on some free fruit. Although some speculated that they had been blessed, the bananas actually came from a shipping container that had fallen off a cargo ship during a storm.

Despite initially being excited about this unexpected bounty, residents soon realized that they had more bananas then they could possibly eat and suggested donating them to the local zoo.

9. Thousands of Rubber Ducks

These are the weirdest things washed ashore
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In 1992, a crate of 28,000 rubber ducks fell off a cargo ship, providing some of the cutest beach discoveries of all time. The adorable ducks have been discovered on the shores of Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, the Pacific Northwest, South America, and even in the Arctic. There are still thousands of these little ducks still roaming the seas.

Although it would have been preferable to not pollute the ocean with this mishap, the ducks have had an unexpected positive side effect. The ducks fell off a ship traveling from Hong Kong to the United States, but have since been discovered around the globe. This has given oceanographers a great opportunity to learn more about the circuit of the North Pacific Gyre and the “ocean garbage patch” that lies within it. It’s estimated that thousands of rubber ducks are trapped in this mass of trash and sludge caught in the gyre’s currents.

8. A Giant Squid

These are the weirdest things washed ashore
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In October of 2013, an absolutely enormous squid washed up on the La Arena beach in Catalonia, Spain. It weighed an incredible 400 pounds and measured in at 30 feet. Crowds immediately began to form around the creature, with some people wondering if it was a prehistoric creature.

This is because, while most people are familiar with squids, it’s actually very rare for people to see a giant squid. These enormous creatures live in the depths of the ocean and only appear close to shore if they die and happen to wash ashore.

7. Deadly Bombs from World War II

These are the weirdest things washed ashore
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Some of the weirdest things found washed ashore can actually be dangerous. In 2011, nearly 100 World War II era bombs washed up on the beaches of Hampshire, on the southern coast of England. The bombs were believed to have appeared after 70 years in the ocean due to the “Supermoon,” an event where the moon was uncharacteristically close to Earth.

Although old, these bombs were still very much a danger to those around them. The beach was immediately blocked off to protect unaware passerby and the British Navy was contacted. A bomb disposal team was finally able to detonate the bombs in a high-tide area. Experts warn that more of these potentially deadly bombs may still be lurking beneath the water in this area, urging beachgoers to exercise caution.

6. A Harley Davidson Motorcycle

These are the weirdest things washed ashore

A luxury motorcycle was found washed ashore in 2011 in British Columbia. Peter Mark stumbled upon a storage unit on the beach and was shocked to find the motorcycle still inside it.

After the story went public, Harley Davidson was able to locate the owner of the bike, Ikuo Yokoyama. Yokoyama revealed that the storage shed was washed away during the devastating 2011 tsunami in Japan. In a happy ending, Harley Davidson volunteered to ship the bike back home to Yokoyama, as well as restore it to its former glory.


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