10 Weirdest Sea Animals You’ve Probably Never Heard About

5. Terrible Claw Lobster

The terrible claw lobster is one of the strangest sea animals on the planet.

The terrible claw lobster is a relatively new discovery found in 2007 off the coast of Luzon in the Philippines. It is a type of blind lobster that features one long saw-like claw. Scientists aren’t sure what function the one long claw plays but is most likely used in seeking out prey. Only four specimens of this type of lobster have ever been found.

4. Fang Tooth

The fang tooth fish is a strange sea creature.

Looking like something out of a steam punk graphic novel this horrifying looking creature boasts the biggest fangs proportionally out of any other fish. It’s teeth are so large that it can’t close its mouth fully and has evolved two slots either side of its brain that the longest teeth slide into.

Found in most tropical and temperate waters around the world, the fang tooth is relatively harmless to humans – despite its terrifying appearance – and only grows to around 16 cm (6.3 inches).

3. Enypniastes

Enypniastes are a strange sea animal.

Enypniastes are a type of deep sea cucumber and are found in most oceans around the world. They have webbed structures at the top and bottom of their bodies that act like fins that allow them to float above the ocean floor. These strange sea animals have a see-through casing showing their digestive tract. When scientists discovered these creatures at depths of 2500 metres, they called them ‘headless chicken fish’.

2. Sea Spider

Sea spiders are strange sea animals.

Found in the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas as well at the Antarctic and Arctic oceans these creatures bare a striking resemblance to spiders. Sea spiders are a type of arthropod and not related to arachnids in any way. However, its traditional classification puts them more closely related to arachnids than any other arthropod group.

They usually have eight legs but there are species that have five and six legs. To feed they use a long proboscis that they inject into soft bodied animals to suck out their innards.

1. Goblin Shark

The goblin shark is a really weird sea animal

This deep-sea shark belongs to the family of Mitsukurinidae, an ancient lineage thought to be around 125 million years old. The goblin shark has been caught in most oceans around the world which indicates a worldwide habitat.

The distinct looking shark is characterised by its pink flabby skin and long snout. The specialised jaws of this beast can shoot forward to almost the length of its snout to capture its prey. This motion is assisted by tight ligaments that keep the jaw in a natural position. When the goblin shark bites, the tension in the ligaments is released catapulting the mouth forward. Its teeth are separated into two types: the front teeth are sharp fangs while the ones at rear are small and flat used for grinding flesh.

Thankfully this intense looking shark swims at a depth too low to pose a threat to humans.

So there’s our list of the weirdest sea animals on the planet. Did this listicle make you never want to swim again? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.