10 Weird Video Games That Are a Must for Any Gamer

Have you played any of these bizarre games?

These are 10 really weird video games. From keeping a talking, anthropomorphic fish alive to washing naked men in public showers, join us as we take a look at 10 weird videos games that are a must for any hardcore gamer.

10. Seaman (1999)

Seaman on Dreamcast is one of the weirdest video games ever made

Released in 1999, Seaman is a bizarre virtual pet simulator on the Sega Dreamcast. Players find themselves in a laboratory where they are responsible for several human-faced frog creatures known as ‘Seaman’. Through trial and error, you must discover to how to care for these hybrid animals – find food, adjust the temperature, keep them hydrated etc

The English version of the game is narrated by Leonard Nimoy, he plays a mentor figure that offers hints and tips as you work your way through the game.

At the time of release Seaman was considered quite innovative as it was one of the only Dreamcast games to utilise the built-in microphone. Players could give basic voice inputs such as say the date of their birthday and the Seaman would reply with trivia that occurred on that day in history.

Seaman became the third best-selling game on Dreamcast in Japan as of 2004. It received mediocre review scores and in 2008 Game Informer named it one of the top ten weirdest video games of all time.

9. Katamari Damacy (2003)

Katamari Damacy is one of the weirdest video games ever

Released in 2003, Katamari Damacy, which literally means ‘clump soul’, is a third-person action, puzzle game oozing with quirkiness. It sees players traversing through a dreamlike landscape snowballing objects together in an attempt to rebuilt the universe. The main premise of the game is to roll a large sticky ball around, collecting any and all objects in the world and gluing them to your ever growing orb until it’s large enough to turn into a star.

The game came about as a school project funded by Namco’s Digital Hollywood Game Laboratory. It was created for less than $1 million and went on to become a sleeper hit in North America. It won numerous awards including ‘Excellence in Game Design’ at the 2005 Game Developers Choice Awards. Since then, no less than eight sequels have been released in Japan and other countries.

8. Brief Karate Foolish (2016)

Brief Karate Foolish is a very weird video game.

At last a fighting game that pits flabby, half-naked Japanese men against each other.

Released on Steam in 2016, Brief Karate Foolish is a 2D fighting game with a bizarre twist – all the characters are Asian men in their underwear. Fighting styles vary from character to character, from the studious moves of the half-naked student who fights with a book to the hard-to-beat, unorthodox moves of the fitness junky who attacks with sit-ups and stretches.

The buttons are a bit strange but once you actually find the keys used to control, it plays much like other fighting games. It’s all about light attacks, heavy attacks, ducking, jumping and dirty shin kicks – that sort of stuff.

It’s free to play on Steam, check it out if you need distracting one lazy afternoon.

7. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (1990)

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker was a really strange video game.

From half-naked, sweaty men to Michael Jackson.

Released for Sega Genesis in 1990 this very odd video game was based on the 1988 film Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. The level design features scenes from the movie while the music draws on Jackson’s rich back catalog, redone in 16-bit glory.

The aim of the game is to take out a villain known as ‘Mr Big’. As you progress through the game you’re tasked with rescuing children trapped in cupboards. In hindsight, probably not the best gameplay mechanic to feature.

Jackson has a bevy of attacks in his arsenal. He can kick, moonwalk, turn into a robot, throw hats as well as use a special ability that makes all enemies perform a choreographed dance routine.

The game received mix reviews – some good, some bad. Mega Magazine ranked Mickael Jackson’s Moonwalker 91 on their best Megadrive games of all time.

6. Shaq Fu (1994)

Remember legendary 90’s NBA star Shaquille O’Neal? Well for some reason he made a shoddy 2D fighting game called Shaq Fu. Released in 1994 for Genesis and SNES, this bizarre game follows Shaq as he travels to Tokyo, Japan for a charity basketball game. On his way, he enters a dojo and speaks to a martial arts master called Leotsu. Inexplicably Shaq is transported to another dimension where he must rescue a boy from the evil clutches of an Egyptian mummy.

Shaq Fu is often considered one of the world video games of all time. A sequel has been in the works since 2014.


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