10 Weird Japanese Game Shows You Won’t Believe Exist

You have to see these!

5. Thai Kicking Game

This is another classic segment from Gaki no Tsukai. In this game, players must say a word, the amount of syllables the word has equals the amount of tiny swords the player must insert into a toy pirate barrel. Yes, I know it sounds absurd so bare with us. The next player must then say a word beginning with the last syllable the previous player’s word ended with. Again, the amount of syllables the word has equals the amount of swords to be stabbed into the pirate barrel. At some point in the game a sword will trigger a pirate to pop out of the barrel, if this happens the player is punished. In this case, they’re kicked really hard in the back by a professional Thai kickboxer.

The episode we watched came right down to the wire. The very last sword was the trigger which made for some hilarious banter between the players. I highly recommend watching an episode of ‘Thai Kicking Game’ if you have nothing better to do.

4. Human Slip n Slide

Human Slip n Slide is a weird Japanese game show that pits a creepy old man against dozens of bikini wearing young girls. The rules are unclear but it appears to be how far the old man can slide over the girls, presumably furthest wins.

First the man is covered in some kind of lubricant before he runs and dives over the line of lying girls. He awkwardly slithers his oily person down the line until he reaches the end, much to the dismay of the girls.

Later in the episode we see the girls stuffing the old man’s underpants with some kind of ball. He’s then forced to take the balls out of his underpants and throw them at a fellow competitor who has also had his jocks filled to the brim with balls.

The finale of the show has everyone covered in oil, including the host. They slip and slide about as jolly music plays into an outro.

That’s some quality TV right there.

3. Chinko Machine

In this weird Japanese game show, six players are pitted against each other in a test of pop culture knowledge. It’s a fairly simple yet cruel game. If a player answers a question wrong a paddle device will flip up and smack their groin. Hilarity ensues when the player knows they’ve got it wrong. They act out and delay their punishment as best they can but the pain is inevitable.

Nothing like a little ‘ball tap’ humour to entertain the masses.

2. How to Escape a Fart

There’s not a lot of solid information about this clip so it’s hard to comment on its origins.

The title of the game show is ‘how to escape a fart’, however it seems to be quite the opposite, more like ‘how to spread a fart most efficiently’.

To play, the contestant is placed in a room where their toots are tracked either with some kind of thermal camera or possibly powdered dye. The player must perform the most ridiculous movement possible to spread it about the room.

All I can say is, I’m glad science is being put to good use.

1. Bum Game

On a scale of one to weird this is right up there!

The premise is simple enough. Two players are asked a series of questions. If they answer a question wrong, a man with his bare arse exposed moves towards their face on a platform. If they get two questions wrong the platform moves in and the bare bottom squishes right into the contestants face.

If you love fart jokes and childish humour, which I certainly do, then this’ll leave you in tears. Well worth a watch!

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