10 Strangest Museums On Earth

These Are Some Seriously Weird Museums

5. McDonald’s Big Mac Museum

McDonald’s Big Mac Museum.

The Big Mac museum located in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania first opened its doors back in 2007. The museum was opened by the creator of the Big Mac, Jim Delligatti who was also one of the very first McDonald’s franchisees.

The museum is located inside a fully operational McDonald’s restaurant and showcases tonnes of Big Mac related memorabilia including advertisements, toys and promotional photos from all around the world. The museum even has a bronze statue of Jim himself as well as a gigantic Bic Mac. Measuring 12 feet across and more than 14 feet tall, it is the largest Big Mac statue in the world!

4. The Meguro Parasitological Museum

The Meguro Parasitological Museum.


Founded in 1953 by Dr Satoru Kamegai, The Meguro Parasitological Museum in Tokyo, Japan is dedicated to the history of parasites. This strange museum is divided into two floors. The first is dedicated to parasites and their lifecycles in the natural world. The second, focusses on parasites that live inside the human body. With over 300 specimens on display this museum is not for the squeamish. The collection even includes an 8.8 metre long (29 foot) tapeworm!

Can’t get enough? Why not visit the gift shop and take home a souvenir of your visit? Items include postcards, t-shirts, and even mobile phone cases that have actual parasites embedded in the acrylic.

3. The Kansas Barbed Wire Museum

The Kansas Barbed Wire Museum.

The Kansas Barbed Wire Museum

If you have a tendency to get over excited at the sheer mention of fencing paraphernalia then this place will blow your mind! Located in La, Crosse, Kansas, The Kansas Barbed Wire Museum is the place to go when nothing else will quench your curiosity for barbed wire.

Displaying over 2000 different types, the museum focuses on the history of barbed wire including its role in the settlement of the United States as well as its many modern day applications.

Established in 1970, the museum’s collection grew so significantly that a new building had to be constructed. In 2004, the building was expanded to include the headquarters of the Antique Barbed Wire Society. An organisation “committed to collecting, preserving, exhibiting, and interpreting the historical heritage of barb wire and barbed wire related items.”

2. Museum of Vampires

Museum of Vampires.

Atlas Obscura

The Museum of Vampires located on the outskirts of Paris, France is possible to visit by appointment only. Housed within a private residence, the museum is home to all manner of vampire related items including paintings, books and autographs of every actor to ever play Dracula in a Hollywood movie. There is even a mummified cat on display that was found in a nearby cemetery as well as a painting by the so called ‘Vampire of Paris,’ infamous murderer and grave robber Nicolas Claux.

1. The Mysterious Great Adventure of the Body

The Mysterious Great Adventure of the Body.


Hosted by television network TV Tokyo, The Mysterious Great Adventure of the Body is an exhibition aimed at children. Held at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan it is based on the functions of the human body and how it produces its waste material like boogers and poo. The planners obviously know what appeals to children, this photo shows the entrance to the exhibit…a giant butt crack!


That was the 10 strangest museums on Earth. Have you visited a bizarre museum not on this list? Let us know!