8 Terrifying Moments Caught on GoPro You Have to See!

These clips will give you chills!

4. Biker Films Mountain Lion

This terrifying moment caught on GoPro occurred on August, 2014 in a rural area of Fernie, BC, Canada.

In the clip we see a mountain biker’s chilling encounter with a mountain lion. At first it’s hard to spot the beast as it blends almost perfectly into the grassy terrain. The giant cat stalks the biker, slowly circling him, most likely sizing him up.

Experts advise that if you encounter a mountain lion in the wilderness it’s best to face them and remain still, some suggest that intense eye contact and loud shouting may convince the cougar to retreat. If you were to run, you might trigger their instinct to chase prey. However, mountain lions have prey recognition that they learn as cubs so humans are not often attacked because they aren’t part of that prey hierarchy. It’s only if they feel threatened or are injured or starving that they might attack.

In the video the biker does well to stay remarkably calm. He does exactly as experts suggest, keeping eye contact, staying front on and waiting till the cougar loses interest.

3. Plane Crash on GoPro

Dramatic footage caught on a GoPro was released to the public in late 2014.

Ferdinand Puentes captured the chilling moment this plane crash-landed into the ocean.

Moments after the Hawaiian flight departed the island of Molokai, the Cessna Grand Caravan experienced engine failure. One witness said it sounded like a loud bang before the plane began to descend towards the water.

In the video we see Puentes looking out the window of the plane with his GoPro. You can see the ocean fast approaching as the plane crashes into the water. The passengers remain eerily calm as water begins to rush into the cabin, everyone scrambling to put their life vests on. Moments later, after exiting the craft, you can see the passengers clinging to the wing of the plane. The pilot, cut and bleeding, orders the floating survivors to move away from the sinking plane.

Seven of the eight passengers on board survived while state Health Director Loretta Fuddy sadly passed away prior to rescue. The crash made controversial headlines because Fuddy was the state official who verified and approved the release of former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Some conspiracy theorists, and even Donald Trump, alluded that the crash was suspicious.

It was later revealed that Fuddy died of congestive heart failure, triggered by the accident.

2. Rattlesnake Encounter

Check out this terrifying moment caught on GoPro in South Dakota.

In the footage we see several bike riders exploring the Bulldog trail in Black Hills. As the rider in front passes over a small gate in the fence, he notices a rattlesnake coiled up on the side of the path. He calls to his friends, alerting them of the snake.

You’d think riding past an aggressive rattlesnake would be scary enough but the cameraman decides to up the ante and provoke the deadly creature. He slides the GoPro up to the snake. It rattles its tail, warning of an impending strike. It coils, then launches at the camera lightning fast, leaving behind what looks like venom on the lens.

Rattlesnakes are found throughout America and have some of the most toxic venom of all snakes in the Western Hemisphere. A bite from one of these deadly creatures can cause blood clots and necroses of the skin, leading to convulsions, paralysis and ultimately heart failure – death can occur six to 48 hours after a bite.

Let’s just say it’s not wise to aggravate a rattle snake.

One viewer noted that provoking the snake like that would leave it agitated and volatile for the next passing hiker – which is kind of a dick move.

The rider decides to shove the camera in the snakes face, not once, but twice before continuing on his merry way.

1. GoPro Falls into Pit of Rattlesnakes

Now, if you thought the last rattlesnake encounter was terrifying enough wait till you see this footage.

Taken in rural Montana, U.S. two hikers stumble upon a pit of rattlesnakes and decide to film it with their GoPro.

In the footage we see the camera hover above what looks to be at least 20 or more rattlesnakes, all writhing over each other. You can hear the hum of their rattles as they warn the intruders to keep their distance. One snake becomes curious enough to investigate the camera. It stares into the lens, tongue flicking, before striking the GoPro.

Experts say that a rattle snake can bite a victim at speeds of up to 1/10th of a second, leaving any animal within striking distance no chance of escape. Watching this footage it’s easy to see the frightening speed at which they can attack.

Finally, one of the snakes lunges at the camera knocking it into the pit. It sits there, among the exacerbated hum of the threatened animals. In the background you can hear the cameraman moan that he’s lost his camera. Eventually he manages to retrieve it with the handle end of a hockey stick, getting far closer to the writhing pit of snakes than most sensible people should.

Apparently this footage was taken using a handheld gimbal, similar a selfie stick, which was taped to a hockey stick. So really, at most, this makeshift device put the cameraman just metres away from these deadly creatures.

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