10 Scary Ghost Photos That No One Can Explain

What Has The Camera Captured in These Creepy Ghost Photos?

5. The Ghost at The Wedding

Ghost photographed with wedding party - 10 Scary Ghost Photos That No One Can Explain

The Occult Museum

This photo was taken in the village of Church Aston in Shropshire, England. It was snapped outside the local church shortly after a wedding. The image was actually shared online by the young girl seen closest to the camera who said that she remembers feeling cold and sad while posing for the photograph and wasn’t sure why she felt so uneasy on such a happy day.

The image has clearly captured some sort of ghostly figure but who could it be? A deceased family member perhaps? Or a spirit that is somehow attached to the church or its grounds? Without further information, we may never know.

4. Something Looking Through The Windows

Scary faces photographed in window - 10 Scary Ghost Photos That No One Can Explain

WCPO Cincinnati

This creepy series of photos were posted online by a woman from Ohio. She claims that her and her siblings experienced many spooky, unexplainable nights growing up in her dad’s house. She remembers hearing heavy footsteps running up the stairs when she was home alone and the spine-chilling sound of a rake being dragged along the walls.

She recalls one room in particular where eerie faces would appear in the windows as though someone was watching them from outside. These photos were taken six months apart and show two different windows in the same room.

While many believe the figure at the window to be a ghost, some think that it may actually be a prowler wearing a mask. It has been noted that the second face bares a close resemblance to the mask used in the Scream films.

Whether this family was being haunted by a ghost or watched by a perverted prowler we will never know. Either way, it’s utterly terrifying!

3. The Ghost of Monet

Ghost of Claude Monet appears at the Cleveland Museum of Art - 10 Scary Ghost Photos That No One Can Explain


This photo, taken at the Cleveland Museum of art by employee Jeffrey Strean, is believed by many to have captured the ghost of the famous painter, Claude Monet. The image was taken just as the finishing touches were being completed on the exhibit Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse and seemingly shows the painter overseeing the final stages.

While it’s possible that the whole thing is just an eerie coincidence, there’s no denying the resemblance between the ghostly figure standing on the floor above and the banner-sized black and white image of Claude Monet.

It’s not the first time the museum has been linked to the paranormal either. Several employees have claimed to have seen the ghost of former director William Milliken roaming the halls at night time. He is supposedly dressed in a tweed jacket with elbow patches and carries a folder around under his arm.

Milliken is said to have been unhappy with Sherman Lee, the man that eventually succeeded him as director of the museum. As a result, some believe that Milliken’s spirit may wander the museum making sure that everything is still as it should be.

2. Ghost Photographed at Ruins

Ghost photographed at ruins - 10 Scary Ghost Photos That No One Can Explain


This photo was taken by 37 year old Nurul Islam who was visiting a fake Victorian-style ruin with his niece and nephew. Islam claims that he was careful to make sure that there was no one else in the shot when he took the photo. However, when he looked at the photo later he immediately noticed an eerie ghost-like figure underneath the archway.

The figure has outstretched arms and looks as though it is floating towards the young children. It appears to be dressed in a long, white robe and is either wearing a white veil or has long, wispy hair.

Was Islam simply mistaken when he took the photo or has he actually captured evidence of a ghost roaming the ruins? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. Imaginary Friend

Two year old Ethan's imaginary friend John Smith - 10 Scary Ghost Photos That No One Can Explain

This creepy image was sent to us on Facebook. The photo, taken with a digital camera, is of the poster’s two year old son, Ethan. Ethan’s mother claims that she took many photos that day but this was the only one that seemed to show something strange.

She showed the picture to several people who thought that the strange face seemed to resemble an older man with a beard.

Around the time the photo was taken, Ethan, who possessed a very limited vocabulary, began talking about an imaginary friend he had by the name of John Smith. When Ethan was a little older, his mother asked him about John Smith and he told her that someone had ‘cut his neck in the mountains.’

Even today, Ethan can still remember his strange friend. On one occasion he recalls John Smith pushing his father down a flight of stairs because Ethan wanted him to stop yelling at his sister.

Could it be possible that Ethan was able to see John Smith and if so, who was he? Perhaps a rugged mountain man that had been tragically murdered high in the hills but what was his connection with the small boy?

One thing is for sure. The photo does appear to show a mysterious face but is it really that of Ethan’s invisible friend John Smith? Perhaps we will never know.