10 Real Photos That Have Left Skeptics Stumped

These images are chilling!

5. Mysterious Photo in New Mexico

Photo of New Mexico wild fires shows a ghostly woman in the foreground

Here’s another mysterious real photo that was posted to Reddit. User tony12684 said that his uncle took this photo many years ago while driving through New Mexico. In the distance he noticed a wild fire and wanted to get some photos. He pulled over and began photographing the scenery. At the time, there was nothing unusual of note except for the plumes of smoke in the background.

Several weeks later when he got the photos developed he was shocked at what he saw. Right in the foreground is a mysterious lady in blue. The uncle insisted that no one else was around when he took the photos.

The lady has sunken black eyes and a strange dark complexion. Her nose appears skeletal and her jaw looks gaunt and detached. There’s a shadow quality to her features that makes this photo eerie to look at. Her thin, outstretched arm ends in a stump with no fingers.

The exact date the photo was taken is unknown but it’s obviously printed from film. It’s possible then that this could be a malfunction which has blended two images together. Yet the unsettling features of the woman in blue remain. Who is she and why has she appeared in this photo?

4. Something Lurking

Strange hands can been seen in the darkness of the tree, this is one of many photos that have left skeptics stumped.

There’s not a lot of information available for this photo. It was posted to a forum by someone with the handle Wookie_rage. They said that they were walking through the woods one day with their brother taking photos. As they were walking, they noticed a tree with an interesting hollow in the trunk. They took a snap and continued on, thinking nothing of it.

Later that night, the budding photographers got the fright of their lives when they examined one of their photos.

If you look to the rear of the hollow, lurking in the shadows, there are two claw-like hands pressed on the ground. They’re thin and sharp looking but clearly look to be human.

Could this be some kind of unknown humanoid creature hiding in darkness? Or perhaps it’s a homeless person that’s taken refuge in the tree and doesn’t want to be found?

3. Sinister Cult Surrounds Car

Creepy cult surround car, it's one of many real photos that have left skeptics stumped

This sinister photo was allegedly taken in a rural area of Bulgaria in the late 70’s. At that time there was a mysterious cult known to operate in the area. There’s not a lot of solid details about this photo but there is one chilling story that follows the image all over the Internet.

The story goes that a young photographer and his daughter were driving through a remote part of Bulgaria when their car broke down. It was early evening and the area was all but dark except of a small light coming from a farm house in the distance. The father told his daughter to stay with the car while he walked to the distant cottage to get some help.

Half an hour later while walking back to the car, the father stopped dead in his tracks. In the distance he could see a circle of people surrounding his car. They were all dressed in black robes and had hoods draped over their faces. There were holding their arms out wide, as if presiding over the car and the young girl inside.

The father quickly took this photo for evidence and began running as fast as he could to the car.

No one knows what exactly happened after that moment. Some locals claim police found the car burnt out in the middle of a field with no other evidence except for this photo found on a camera discovered in the woods nearby.

2. Inexplicable Boy

When this photo was taken there was no boy in the photo, this is one of many photos that have left skeptics stumped.

This terrifying photo was sent to us by a viewer called CitrusLemon.

The story goes that when they were young they were playing a modified game of hide and seek with their new camera phones. The rules were simple enough, find a spot to hide in a dark room and one person would take a photo with a flash then see if they could spot anyone hiding in the photo.

They played several rounds and all was normal. People would hide. The flash would go off. Then one round, the person with the phone let out a horrible scream after they took the photo. Quickly the lights came on and everyone gathered around. The person who had taken the photo was noticeably shaken and had tears welling up in their eyes. When everyone looked at the phone this was the image on the screen. Everyone stood around shocked at what they saw.

In the photo a thin boy can be seen crawling eerily through the doorway. He’s in a bizarre upside down posture with his head tilted backwards.

The most chilling part of it all, there was absolutely no one playing the game that day that looks anything like the boy in the photo.

CitrusLemon said they don’t like looking at the photo. It’s the first time they’ve seen it in years and it still makes their stomach churn. To this day, they have no explanation for this image.

1. Fort Worden Monster Photo

This photo was taken in Fort Worden. It ones of a series of real photos that have left skeptics stumped

Fort Worden in Washinton state, United States has been a ghostly hot spot for paranormal investigators for years. Its rich military history has many ghastly tales dating back to the late 19th century.

Built in 1889, the base began as a humble outpost for soldiers posted on Artillery Hill. It grew to become a significant anti-aircraft station with many cement bunkers built into the mountain side.

Historians say that an officer accidentally killed himself while cleaning his pistol at Fort Worden. Now there are reports of an aggressive force that prowls the area, furious that he died from such a foolish accident. Paranormal investigators believe that if a person dies in an accident there is a higher chance their spirit will linger in the area. Tourists have reported loud banging coming from the old cement bunkers. The rooms are often unusually cold and fits of nausea have been known to set in.

This photo was taken when several boys decided to explore the old military installation. They were walking around taking photographs looking for anything interesting in the old bunkers. They claim they were alone the whole time and didn’t notice anything particularly unusual. However when they reviewed their photos the next day their blood ran cold.

If you look at the top left hand corner of one of the images there is a strange figure lurking on top of one of the cement rooms. It’s face is red, almost burnt looking. It seems to by lying there in the darkness, hiding or worse, waiting for the right time to attack the unsuspecting boys.

Is this some kind of ghoul that lives deep in the network of this military installation?

Note the strange orbs of light too. There are as many as six glowing balls of light hovering about the dark hallway.

The strange thing is there are a few before and after photos and there is no figure lurking in that spot. Could this then be a glimpse of the spirit of the angry officer who accidentally took his own life all those years ago?