10 Real Photos That Have Left Skeptics Stumped

These images are chilling!

Here are 10 real photos that have left authorities stumped. From the spirit of a hiker seen standing on a cliff face to a mysterious cult spotted surrounding a car in a field, here are ten eerie real photos that almost defy explanation.

10. Ghostly Hiker, Canada

A hiker took this photo in Canada and it appears to show a ghost, it's just one of many real photos that have left skeptics stumped.

Reddit user SlicedUpBeef posted this photo asking the community to clarify what exactly he had captured on camera.

The poster claims he was hiking around Dundas Peak, a scenic spot that overlooks Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. His cousin suggested he go check out the views and take a snap at a popular spot where the cliffs reach out over the ravine. When he reviewed his photos for the day he couldn’t quite fathom what he had captured.

In the photo there appears to be a person wearing a white top with dark pants, standing eerily straight on a remote cliff side. The user noted that the area was extremely dangerous and inaccessible from all sides – he was simply baffled how a person could get out there.

Comments on the Reddit thread noted that the area is known for some nasty accidents. They thought it was perhaps the spirit of someone who had tragically died there. It’s alleged that hikers go missing at a rate of one per year around Dundas Peak.

Although the photo has been shared thousands of times around social media, no one has been able to definitively explain the mysterious person in this photo.

9. Ghost Spotted at Tantallon Castle

Creepy ghost photo taken at Tantallon Castle is one of many real photos that have left skeptics stumped.

In 2015, tourist Chris Aitchison took this hair raising photo at Tantallon Castle, Scotland.

The mysterious figure was caught peering out of one of the upper windows of the castle. Many experts have speculated that it’s a woman wearing Elizabethan period attire complete with collared ruff.

Aitchison was so curious about what he had captured on film that he contacted the castle’s management and asked if there were any reenactments that day. Castle staff informed him that there was no such reenactment that day and infact, they don’t even feature costumed guides that fit the look of the person that was captured on film.

Some scholars have suggested that it could be the spirit of King James V of Scotland, who owned the castle in the 16th century.

Some skeptics have noted that it may just be a trick of the light. If you look at the angle of the light coming in the stairwell to the top left, it could be illuminating the rear stonework giving the appearance of a face and clothes.

Further still, that area of castle is open to the public so it could simply be another curious tourist wandering the premises.

All things considered this is still a strange photo for the ages. Despite the various possible explanations a lot of experts are gobsmacked at what’s been captured.

Could Aichison’s camera have caught the ghost of an ancient resident going about their day as though they’ve not passed away? Or is it simply a case of pareidolia?

8. Ghost Spotted at Football Match

Strange ghost spotted at a football match is one of many real photos that have left skeptics stumped.

This real photo was taken during a football match on October 3, 2013. The crowd at Dragon Stadium in Porto, Portugal went wild when James Rodríguez scored a huge goal for the local side.

As photographers took rapid snaps of the Colombian celebrating his goal, they inadvertently captured something very unsettling.

In the grandstand, among the thousands of cheering fans, there appears to be a black, skeletal figure wearing a white shirt. It has deep sunken eyes, a grey face and black hair. The lower half of the entity doesn’t seem to exist. Just below Rodriguez’s arm there’s a strange misty quality. Whatever the figure is, it seems to be just floating in mid air. It’s as though the boy to the left has no idea what’s happening.

Dozens of news outlets ran with the story and soon this creepy image was the talk of the Internet. Theories ran from ghosts and spirits to glitch on the camera and one even suggested it was a glimpse into an alternate universe.

What do you think this skeleton in the grandstand could be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

7. Faceless Ball Boy

Strange real photo of a ball boy with no face is one of many real photos that have left skeptics stumped.

Sticking with the world game, a strange photo surfaced in 2016 showing an eerie figure sitting on the sidelines of this Premier League match.

Twitter user @tonyodo1, posted this photo with the caption ‘Who’s the ball boy with no face?’.

Speculation ran rife as the mysterious photo spread around the Internet. Viewers were shocked at the eerie, faceless boy spotted live, in clear sight, during Monday Night Football.

The chilling incident was captured when Johann Berg Gudmundsson took a corner kick during the match – spectators were stunned at what was being shown live on TV.

The footage was shown in real time making it impossible for the image to be tampered with in any way. Experts are stumped by the footage and can’t explain what’s been captured.

6. Old Lady in the Curtains

Ghost of old lady spotted on the curtains, this is one of many photos that have left skeptics stumped.

This chilling image was submitted to Reddit by user 0arussell. They said a friend of there’s was taking photos with their kid when one of the images showed a horrifying face in the background.

Right in the middle of the curtain there appears to be an old woman’s face peering straight at the camera. It’s grey and wrinkly and has a really unsettling quality to it. The face seems to split perfectly with the crack in the curtain which could mean the face is actually printed on the fabric, but why on earth would anyone want curtains with an eerie old lady’s face on them?

The Reddit user said that the homeowner thought that an old lady had died in the house many years ago. Could this be her way of contacting the present owners? Or is it simply a print on the curtains? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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