10 REAL Photos That Cannot Be Explained

5. The Ghost of 3 Men and a Baby

This is a real photo that cannot be explained.

3 Men and a Baby is a 1987 comedy film starring Ted Danson. In one scene, about an hour into the film, Danson’s character is walking across a room. In the background when the camera pans past the window, a strange figure is standing there. It is said to be the ghost of a young boy who committed suicide in the house many years earlier. Some claim that the figure is actually a cardboard cut-out of Danson’s character that featured in a scene that never made the final cut of the film. Does that figure really look like Ted Danson to you?

4. Man Caught Travelling Through Time

This is a real photo that cannot be explained.

This photo was taken on the day South Fork Bridge was reopened in Canada in the early 1940’s. It’s very clear that one man doesn’t belong in this photo or time period. He’s got some sassy goggles on, a hooded jumper and a logo laden t-shirt. Of all the events in history, why would a time traveller visit a bridge reopening in Canada? Speaking of time travel, what’s the deal with this? This is footage taken from a Charlie Chaplin film opening in 1928. Everything is normal, until a suspicious lady walks by chatting on a mobile phone. Look she’s clearly talking!

And check this out, it’s a woman exiting a Dupont factory in Massachusetts in 1938! Look, she’s chattering away on a mobile too. What’s going on here?

3. Time Travel Memento Left in Chinese Tomb

This is a real photo that cannot be explained.

Sticking with time travellers and their reckless attitude towards the fourth-dimension. In 2008 Chinese archaeologists opened a sealed tomb in Shangsi County that supposedly hadn’t been disturbed in over 400 years. What they found in the coffin is baffling. It’s a small wrist-watch like object with the time frozen at 10:06. According to sources, the word ‘Swiss’ was engraved on the back. Is this an elaborate hoax or evidence of a clumsy time traveller?

2. The Ghost in the Back Seat

This is a real photo that cannot be explained.

In 1959, Mabel Chinnery was visiting the grave of her late mother. While at the cemetery Chinnery took a photo of her husband in the front seat of their car. When the photo was later developed a mysterious figure could be clearly seen sitting in the back seat. Chinnery claims it’s an image of her dead mother. A photographic expert examined the photo and determined that it hadn’t been tampered with nor was it double exposure.   

1. The Ghost of Freddy Jackson

This is a real photo that cannot be explained.

This photo of a WW1 RAF squadron was taken in 1919. If you look at the airman in the back row four pilots in, you can clearly see an extra ghostly face. All the men photographed that day swear it’s the face of Freddy Jackson, a pilot who tragically lost his life in a propeller accident just days earlier. In fact, Jackson’s funeral was held on the morning this photograph was taken.